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Welcome to English 124 and our blog. This blog will provide you with the materials we will be using in class for your review. Here you will find the class schedule and other documents discussed on the first day of class, power point presentations, videos and quizzes. I hope it will also be a good place to comment about films that you have watched and liked or disliked. Please feel free to comment on the progress of our blog. If there are sites you feel are important to include in our blogroll, feel free to suggest them so that they can be included.  I’m looking forward to a very enjoyable semester.

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  1. Francis Hernandez
    Fourth Blog

    This is a 1999 psychological crime thriller movie, starring Denzel Washington, Angelina Jolie and Queen Latifah and directed by Philip Noyce based on a book of the same name. This is the story of a rookie cop that teams with a paralyzed, forensic ex-detective to catch a serial killer dubbed the Bone Collector. The movie is based on the novel The Bone Collector written by Jeffery Deaver concerning the quadriplegic detective Lincoln Rhyme.
    The movie starts with the scene where the protagonist Lincoln Rhyme (Denzel Washington), a NY police captain expert in forensics appears at a crime scene and has an accident who leaves him bedbound and paralyzed from the neck down. A married couple, Alan and Lindsay Rubin take a taxi from the airport with destination to Manhattan, but the killer, posing as a taxi driver, doesn’t respond to their plea and they are abducted. Amelia Donaghy (Angelina Jolie) is a new police officer assigned to Youth Services who respond to a call done by a child to the police central dispatcher. Amelia discovers a crime scene where a buried corpse at a civil war era railroad was found. The Chief Detectives ask Rhyme, who concludes that the scene was staged, help them solve the case. He requests to have Amelia Donaghy assigned in the case as the forensic collector because of her natural forensic instincts Lindsey Rubin is revealed to be alive, tied up to an open steam junction and Lincoln Rhyme can track where she is captive. The detectives and Amelia arrive to the place minutes before she gets scalded to death. Rhyme instructs Amelia to enter alone into the crime scene to collect all the forensic evidence and to sever Lindsay’s hand for evidence. The hands were securely chained to the pipe and Amelia refuses to cut the victim’s hand by walking off the crime scene. Before leaving she finds a piece of Lindsay’s bone and another scrap of paper which she takes as evidence. The killer abducts a second victim, a New York University student, takes him to an abandoned slaughterhouse, and surgically removes a piece of bone from the student, leaving the wound open to attract nearby rats which mutilate the victim’s body. Using the clues that Amelia collected from the first victim, they were able to find the second victim. Rhyme’s health becomes very unstable and critical due to the pressure of solving the cases and who the killer was. Thelma (Queen Latifah) reveals to Amelia, Rhyme’s intentions of euthanizing himself out of fear of seizures that could leave him in a vegetative state. Amelia and Rhyme discover an old crime novel called The Bone Collector, the fictional story from where the killer is replicating the crimes. Using this book, they were able to point who the next victims were, a grandfather and his granddaughter tied to a pier during the tide rise. The young girl was successfully resuscitated, but her grandfather died. At this scene Amelia finds the next clues, a piece of bone, an old police badge and a subway map, which joined with the asbestos left by the killer at the first crime lead her to an abandoned subway station. On the side of one of the subway carriages the number of Rhyme’s police badge was posted.

    The killer arrives to Rhyme’s house killing both, Thelma and police captain Howard Cheney. The killer’s identity is revealed; Richard Thompson whose real name was Marcus Andrews. Richard was the medical technician in charge of Rhyme’s medical equipment. Marcus was a former forensic expert convicted of planting evidence. Marcus blamed Rhyme for his imprisonment and his suffering during incarceration and he attempts to kill Rhyme out of revenge. A struggle between Rhyme and Marcus forces both to the floor until Amelia arrives and shoots Marcus dead. At the end Rhyme, Amelia, the police colleagues and Rhyme’s sister and niece reunite in his apartment at Christmas.
    I liked this movie because it’s entertaining. The dynamics between the characters, especially Rhyme and Amelia, is likable and the acting is vey good. The supportive players are full of energy and complement the main characters good. The killer spends all the movie leaving clues and at the end the revelation of who is and what is his motive is not convincing. The suspense is there but the thriller is absent. Revenge is a very weak motive for the villain spending time and patience setting the crime scenes. The character of the killer is poorly developed, and his psychological profile is so erratic, no psychologist would be able to classify his pathology. The title is the bone collector, then, why is he cutting bones and leaving them as a clue? (He is not collecting them). The plot is absurd, but the actors are good.

  2. Blog #4

    Joss Whedon, American screenwriter, producer, director, and television series creator best known for his dialogue and his original series featuring strong females in lead roles, including the cult TV hit Buffy the Vampire Slayer (1997–2003). He also directed Marvel Studio, Whedon became the second writer of the Marvel comic Runaways. He was already a loyal reader and wrote short pieces for Stan Lee Meets Spider-Man and Giant-Size Astonishing X-Men #1. Joss was the subject of an issue of Marvel Spotlight alongside artist Michael Lark. As part of a panel of writers, he contributed to Marvel Comics’ Civil War crossover event, lending advice in how to tell the story and how to end it.
    Joss has received numerous of awards for his amazing directing and creativity, for example he won: “Best Director” in the Saturn Awards, “Best Dramatic Presentation” on the Hugo Awards, “Best Comic Adaptation” on the Flicker Awards for the great movie of The Avengers (2012). In other films he received a lot of nominees and award too like “Best Screenplay” in the Fright Meter Awards with the movie The Cabin in the Woods which brought him a lot of success in his career too.
    I like a lot of his movies very much, but he became my favorite director because of how he entered in Marvel Studios and helped Stan Lee to make those comics come to life. How he managed to bring every type of audience in his films is unbelievable because people of every age are motivated with every marvel movie. The creativity to use very advanced technology, different scenarios in each movie, different stories and the way he combines it. He is a very talented and recognized director that deserves all the recognition of the world.

  3. Francis Hernandez
    Third Blog
    This is a 2007 crime thriller film directed by James Folley with a cast including Halle Berry, Bruce Willis, Giovanni Ribisi. The film is about Rowena Price, an investigative reporter, who risks her life to discover the identity of a stranger lurking on the Internet who might hold the answers to her friend’s murder.
    The movie starts with a security scan of Caroline Elridge’s eye (Rowena) when she goes to interview Senator Stephen Sachs. Rowena tells him she works for David Shane (pseudonym she uses for her articles) at the New York Courier (false name). Rowena (Ro) accuses the Senator to be a hypocrite, because he tries to limit gay rights and he is a gay person himself. She prepares an article where Josh O’Bannon, an intern who has the relationship with the senator is going to testify in court, but at the last minute he backed out of his intentions. Arvis Narran, her boss, informs Rowena that because the intern had second thoughts, the story would not be published, she gets angry and resigns. At the subway station she is followed by Grace, a childhood neighbor, who asks Ro to investigate Harrison Hill, a married man with whom she is having an affair. After one week, Ro receives a call from Grace’s mother, Elizabeth, who was afraid that a body found in a lake could be her daughter and needed identification at the morgue. Rowena meets with Miles, a coworker, to investigate if Harrison Hill had any connection with Grace’s murder by belladonna application into her eyes. Rowena gets a job at Hill’s publicity agency and finds the way to call Hill’s attention. On a date with Hill, she goes to the bathroom, he answers her phone and finds out that she was a mole. Ro gets fired, visits her mother at a mental hospital, where she has a flashback of being molested by her father. Rowena places a complaint to the police accusing Hill of Grace’s murder, he gets arrested and at court he is found guilty. Ro goes to Miles apartment where she discovers a room full of his dark secrets; sexually explicit photos with Grace and stalking photos of her. Ro claims Miles to be a stalker and a spy. At the end of the film Rowena narrates how the Internet is a place” where there is an empty screen inviting you to write”. “You think is a world where actions have no consequences, where guilt is cloaked by anonymity and where there are no fingerprints, an invisible universe filled with strangers interconnected online and disconnected in life. It will steal your secrets, corrupt your dreams and co-opt your identity”. In the next scene, Ro is in her apartment’s bathroom pulling a bottle of belladonna from a secret compartment of a spray can. She narrates – “Because in this world where you can be anything you want, anyone you want, you might lose sight of who you are”. She has another flashback of her childhood remembering how her father used to molest her, when her mother discovered his intentions and how she killed him. When Ro and her mother are burying the corpse, a young Grace is looking through the window and witnesses the burial. Miles figured Ro hated Grace for blackmailing her and at some point, she must have said this has to end. When Ro did a research and a virtual tour of Hills company, she found that belladonna into the eyes could kill a person. This was the method to kill Grace and connect Hill with that murder. Rowena called Grace, got her drunk, put belladonna into her eyes, and then got her hair and her blood, placing all the physical evidence into Hill’s car to implicate him or his wife. Miles says: “Secrets are great Ro, unless you get caught. All that takes for the perfect murder are the right ingredients at the right time”. Miles asks Ro what she is willing to do for him to keep him quiet, then she stabs him, staging the scene as if Miles attacked her, calls the police, accusing him of Grace’s murder. After placing the belladonna in Miles shirt, she cuts her neck with his fingernails and then lies besides him on the floor. The last surprise twist on this film is this final scene: the kitchen window has no blinds and there is a stunned man looking through his opposite apartment window to all of what had happened.
    This film belongs to the neo-noir genre with some of their characteristics: interplay of light and shadows(flashbacks), a motif of revenge(blackmailing) and paranoia (sexual molestation), blurring of the lines between right and wrong (stalking, obsession and lusting). This film features a psychological focus in the characters who commit violent crimes without the motivations and narrative patterns found in film noir. The movie is considered a crime drama and psychological thriller where the characters are trapped in difficult situations. I was expecting a strong suspense thriller, but this film was disappointing in delivering suspense and tension. The director uses the last fifteen minutes of the movie to make it interesting and to unfold the crime’s motif and who the killer is. Bruce Willis’ character (Harrison Hill) is flat, dull and portrayed as a womanizer interested in sex chats with very little character development. Miles (Giovanni Ribisi) was better developed and his performance was more believable. The clues provided in the story are not enough to tie up all the loose ends, to predict the end and to convince us that the identity of the killer makes sense. The editing of the story doesn’t make any sense and the final twist become something we don’t expect, leaving us with a lack of logic, coherence and a sense of disbelief. If by any chance you are willing to see another thriller after this movie, please do not attempt to watch a real master suspense film like Hitchcock’s.

  4. Bridget Jones’s Baby

    Bridget Jones Baby is the last of the trilogy that takes you through the life of a single, independent woman that doesn’t conform to society’s expectations. We started with her in her thirties when she sets out to write her diary and make major changes in her life. You immediately fall in love with this free spirited character who embraces life with humor and passion. You are caught in her unconventional way of dealing with her weight, her liberal lifestyle, adversity and her love life.

    This final film opens with Bridget Jones, played genially by Renee Zellweger, is still single and turning 43 and things are going south. Her first birthday wish is from her mom and, as with most single women of her age, gets pressured about having children. Next she heads out to Daniel Cleaver’s funeral. There she runs into her ex Mark Darcy (Colin Firth) and his wife. Both men have played huge roles in her love life. But, Mark is the love of her life which brings a lot of emotion into play. Not everything is bad… Bridget Jones is a now an achieved television producer, has reached her perfect weight and continues to be her quirky happy self!

    Bridget keeps close ties with her friends throughout the trilogy. They are all married or in relationships now and end up blowing her off to celebrate her birthday. So off she goes with her anchor and best friend Miranda to a wild weekend Music Festival. As soon as they arrive Miranda tells Bridget to be wild and fun and sleep with the first man she finds. It turns out to be an outdoor festival with sleepover “glam tents”. Typical of Bridget she isn’t quite dressed for the occasion and falls flat on her face into the mud. Jack Qwant played by Patrick Dempsey saves her. They are both clearly sparked by each other and sure enough later on that evening Bridget has had a lot to drink and pops into his tent by mistake and they end up sharing a wild night of sex.

    When she gets back home Bridget has to go to a christening and she and here ex, Mark are the godparents. Now separated from his wife he realizes just how much he is still in love with her and they end up sleeping that night. Unfortunately she realizes that nothing has changed regarding the things that separate them. He is still the same workaholic he has always been and so she ditches him in the morning and plans to forget him forever.

    Soon Bridget realizes she has gained a few pounds and surprise she takes many pregnancy test and it is positive. Bridget is truly more enamored with the baby growing inside her. The major question is from whom??? As the plot unfold she is trying to keep the secret of the other man’s existence from them because both men want to become part of Bridget’s life. They are enthralled with the idea of becoming a parent. It takes us through the antics each do to win Bridget over. In the end true love prevails and Mark and Bridget are finally married. Jack will always be a true friend and part of the baby’s life. Bridget has achieved happiness without settling! She has made it under her own terms.

    This is one of my favorite movies because as a woman I can identify with Bridget! My mom was 43 when she had me. Knowing that we don’t have to settle and conform to what society thinks is right for us.

  5. Fourth Blog Comment
    My favorite director has to be Tim Burton. I see someone who already posted about him, he is that good. I have loved Tim Burton since I was also a little girl and saw The Nightmare Before Christmas and Corpse Bride. I love them both, those are my favorites! I consider myself a big fan of his films. I loved Frankenweenie, Vincent (the one presented in class), Beetlejuice, Sleepy Hollow, Sweeney Todd, Dark Shadows & Charlie and The Chocolate Factory. Another one of my favorites is Edward Sissorhands. Let’s talk about Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children (2016), this one I really liked. Nobody talked about it much when it came out, but to me it was great and I was actually excited to see it. There are no words to describe Tim Burton’s creativity, he is just a visionary.

  6. Third Blog Comment
    Movie: Guzaarish
    Director: Sanjay Leela Bhansali
    Guzaarish is a 2010 indian bollywood film, the title translates to “wish” or “request”. It is a romantic drama film.I really liked this movie since it’s not the typical romance movie, plus I really like indian films. it’s about this man Ethan Mascarenhas (Hrithik Roshan), who is a magician, he suffered an accident while he was doing one of his magic tricks and was left immobilized with a spinal injury for 14 years. This man has a sense of humor but you can see the darkness he lives in. It is a sad film. He has a nurse, Sofia D’Souza (Aishwarya Rai Bachchan ), who is in love with him and she does everything in her power to make him happy. Ethan has a radio show, and he only wants one thing, to die. Through his radio show he asked people if they in favour or opposed to his petition, and even went to court about it. He was denied euthanasia/assisted suicide. Sofia want only what’s best for him and helps him fulfill his wishes. In my opinion this is a beautifully tragic movie that makes you think really deep about life and its privileges. What would you do if you were in his place?

  7. Favorite director

    My favorite director from all time has been Stephen Chbosky he directed the movie The Perks of being a wallflower, Beauty and the Beast and many others. He was also the screen writer for the film. I Really enjoy how he directed the main character ‘’Charlie’’ his character haves, mental illness because of what happened between him and his aunt. The story is pretty much about how Charlie deals with his illness along the way with the help of his friends, family and his teacher. Charlie ends up falling in love with Sam, she has also pass through many things, has in a fellow co-worker from his father’s side abused physically of her. In the end of the film Charlie find his self in the hospital for having a anxiety attack, later on in the film he gives out a goodbye hug to his friends because they were going to college. In my opinion I thought that the film had a second part to it but Stephen Chbosky didn’t had a second part.
    In the film Beauty and the Beast, Chbosky does also the screenplays and with the help of Evan Spiliotopoulos. For this film Chbosky haves work in many other films with emma Watson and I just feel that he knows here so much that every time he wrote for her part in the film it just went with her personality and her emotions. I really enjoy his work and he also inspired me to write more everyday

  8. Francis Hernández
    Second Blog

    Christopher Robin

    This is a family comedy-drama, based on the Winnie -the-Pooh books by A.A. Milne. The 2018 movie was directed by Marc Forster and the main human live-action characters are played by Ewan McGregor, Hayley Atwell and Bronte Carmichael. The other characters are CGI (3D) computer animated stuffed animals: Winnie the Pooh, Owl, Tigger, Rabbit, Piglet, Roo, Eeyore, and Kanga. The film is about a now middle-aged man, Cristopher Robin who goes with his old childhood pal Winnie the Pooh, on a familiar adventure back to the Hundred Acre Woods.
    The movie starts in the forest where all the Cristopher’s stuffed animals are gathered planning a farewell party because he is going to a boarding school. Pooh and Christopher take a walk where Pooh delivers the most important message of the film: “Doing nothing often leads to the very best of something”. Cristopher Robin promises Pooh that he will never forget him. The director uses sequential scenes where the times change while he is growing up: Christopher is left in the boarding school where he is drawing a Pooh picture in class, his mother comes to the school to pick him up because his father died, he meets a young girl , Evelyn , in a bus, falls in love and marries, is recruited in the Army and says farewell to his now expecting wife while he goes to war. Evelyn celebrates their daughter Madeleine’s first birthday and Cristopher returns from war about 4 years later. He works as an efficiency manager at Winslow Luggage where he is asked to cut 20% of expenditures, even firing employees as an alternative to avoid the company’s bankruptcy. Cristopher is unable to join his wife and daughter to the countryside cottage at Sussex for a summer-ending weekend as they planned because of his demanding job. His daughter leaves him a drawing of him and Winnie the Pooh she found in a box at the attic. He places the drawing at the kitchen table where a glass of honey breaks and spills over the drawing.
    The next scene is where Pooh awakes, after sleeping throughout all those years, in his tree house and goes looking for all the stuffed animal friends. He goes through Cristopher’s house tree door and travels to the park in front of Cristopher Robin’s house in London, where they are reunited. Pooh asks Cristopher for help to find their friends and escorts Pooh to his house in Sussex. While in the Hundred Acre Wood, they get separated in the fog. Cristopher finds his friends Eeyore, Tigger, Owl, Rabbit, Roo and apologizes to Pooh for telling him that he is not a child anymore. Madeline gets disappointed with her father for not staying with them in the cottage. She goes to play outside and meets all the stuffed animals. They realized that Christopher has returned to work without his papers and Madeline takes the train to deliver the papers to her father. Accompanied by the stuffed animals, Madeline is reunited with her parents in London, but loses all her father documents except for one. Cristopher reassures her daughter that she is more important for him than his work and he has realized that he was wrong thinking on his work first and his family second. He goes to his work and finds a solution to the company’s situation and then goes on vacation with his family to the cottage. Cristopher, his family and his friends are having a picnic and the movie ends when Cristopher and Pooh are having a tender moment and hugging after he declares, he was wrong by forgetting his friends. Pooh’s words with wisdom and kindness are magical and touches your soul from the start to the end of the film.

    This movie takes you on a trip to childhood and nostalgia and has beautiful visual effects. The story is very sweet, emotional, moving and pleasant for families, adults and children. The themes are universal: friendship, promises, growing up and priorities in life. I liked this movie very much and it transported me to my own peaceful and free of problems childhood. “Doing nothing often leads to the very best of something” means that you don’t have to change your essence, your sense of imagination, your values and your true self and feelings because these will lead you through the right path in life.

  9. Blog Comment #3

    The Green Mile, an American fantasy crime drama film written and directed by Frank Darabont who adapted the story from Stephen King’s novel. It’s a story narrated by Paul Edgecombe which is played by Tom Hanks in his young man version and by Dabbs Greer as the old man telling the story. He writes and tell the story from a nursing home in 1996, which makes him 104 years old when telling it. The story is about Paul’s days working as supervisor on E Block at Cold Mountain Penitentiary during the great depression and it’s the place that the prisoners call the death row. Every prisoner that spend time there is because they have a life sentence in the electric chair. Paul is very respectful with his prisoners to make them feel comfortable in their last days, but he never forgets the crimes they have done.
    Paul has seen a lot of executions in his time as supervisor, but the one who affected Paul the most was John Coffeey, which was played by the awesome Michael Clarke Duncan and was best known for this role in The Green Mile. He was nominated for the Academy Award for the best supporting. When John Coffey arrives with his intimidating looks like his dark skin and huge height branded him as dangerous right away, but when Paul got to know John better, he realizes that he was accused of a crime he didn’t commit. Coffey was convicted a life sentence in the electric chair for raping and killing 9 year old twins, but what the people didn’t let him explain was that Coffey had the ability to read minds and heal even though people don’t ask for it, he just feels when he is needed.
    This film not only was amazingly directed, but super well written because through the movie you can sense everything that is happening, and it has so many stories occurring at the same time with the different symbols of the film that is mind blowing. My favorite symbol is off course John Coffey with his gifts, his past, his present and the character in the story in general. Michael Clarke Duncan was perfect for this character and nobody would have done it like he did. The way he had the ability to remove the bad things from people’s bodies like curing them, the way he always was so positive and respectful to everyone it moved me. It makes the reader or watcher analyze the story in different ways including adding and comparing it to the Bible’s story. It depends who the audience is.

  10. Movie: The Bridges of Madison County
    Actors: Clint Eastwood, Meryl Streep
    Director: Clint Eastwood
    Type of movie: Romance

    Brief synopsis

    This romantic movie deals with love, passion, betrayal, and how love and respect will not allow a person to choose his happiness. A photographer of National Geography, Robert Kincaid (Clint Eastwood) has an assignment of photographing the bridges of Madison County. He meets a housewife Franchesca Johnson (Meryl Streep) in her farm who agreed on showing him the bridges. Her husband is away with their children leaving her with time to spend with the stranger. She relates to Kincaid her life and both became infatuated. It was a moment of passion which lasted forever. The four days was enough for Robert to ask her to elope with him but she could not do it, her love and respect for her children and husband would not allow it. She wrote in her diaries the loved felt and how much she wanted her children to cremate her and to scatter her ashes in the bridge where Robert has his scattered. They were some resistant by his son who saw her action as of a treason to his father, but after reading the diaries he agreed to her mother’s wishes.

  11. Movie: The Equalizer
    Actor: Densel Washington
    Director: Antoine Fuqua
    Type of drama: Action movie

    The movie The Equalizer was played by Densel Washington. It is the first time for him to play is a sequel since this movie is number two. The character, Robert Mc Call is a well –trained agent who is no longer active with the force but keeps himself saving people’s life. He is a very intense person with profound love for his dead wife. His acting, especially when he was ready to attack, he synchronized his watch and began his equalization with his eyes projecting almost like a ritual, kept the audience intrigue throughout the movie. The drama of the movie deals with the Russian Mafia’s pimps and how he terminates their abuse with women. The drama becomes complicated by the viewer since there were a few thing going on at the same time placing a lot of suspense. Also the organ trafficking, and the finding of the man who killed his best friend, another intelligence agency, took his best acting. By the end of the movie Robert continues remembering his wife and pretty much kept to himself.

  12. Soul surfer, directed by Sean Mcnamara, the story of Bethany Hamilton played by the amazing Anna Sophia Robb. Bethany and her family live in Hawaii where all of them enjoy being full time surfers including Bethany´s best friend Alana. They were homeschooled by Bethany´s mother so they could spend more time training for professional surf tournaments. For their excellent talent they both received a sponsorship from Rip Curl. One day Alana’s dad invited the girls to surf in a different beach, not in their usual spots so that day Alana’s dad and brother, Alana and Bethany left early to go and surf. After they surfed for a while, they stayed floating in their boards far from the reef and rested there. Suddenly a shark attacked Bethany who was resting on her board with her arm out of the board. The shark ripped the whole arm from her body and in that instant her life changed forever.
    The way the director made everything look so real and exactly how happened with the family and people around her was very powerful. The actors made you feel everything that was happening at every single second of the movie. The way her family was there after the attack in support of her and not letting her quit so easy of what she loved to do the most. I could feel the union and it was heartbreaking feeling her frustration so strongly.
    The majority of the actors were very experience and I think that’s what helped the director and the film makers to do this film with so much feelings and the emotion that they wanted. The message he planted in the movie and how everything was literally how happened in real life to Bethany Hamilton was exciting and interesting. Everybody was moved and touched by how the movie was made and at the end showing all the films of her passing to all those moments was the touch the public needed. It felt even more real than any other movie.

  13. If I must choose one director that transcends the 20th century into the 21st it has to be Tim Burton. He has been my all-time favorite for a while now. His genius in my opinion consists in his ability to transform the grotesque into the sublime.
    Tim Burton was originally a Disney animator. He quit this job that many consider to be the ultimate and most coveted job in animation because he wanted to have his own vision, his own voice heard.
    One of my favorite films that can probably be called a classic is Beetlejuice. I was introduced to this film at an early age because it was a household favorite. I must say that it scared me to no end when I was a little girl. But I couldn’t stop watching it. It captured my imagination and my dark sense of humor.
    What child doesn’t fantasize about Alice in Wonderland. When you see this movie, it is an eyesore if you compare it to Disney’s beautiful cartoon interpretation of the story tale, yet it continues to be ranked as one of the highest grossing films worldwide. Its no wonder when you are captured in Tim Burton’s bigger than life vision of Wonderland, again the grotesque and the sublime come to life. This together with Johnny Depp’s interpretation of the Mad Hatter we are led into a fulfilling experience, where you are confronted with a face to face meeting with your values.
    Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory once again a remake of an older version with Gene Wilder, was also a huge office box hit. But in this case, I have to say I preferred the older version more.There are numerous films that showcase Tim Burton’s genius. Batman, Sleepy Hollow, Sweeny Todd, Edward Scissorhands and many more. Some I’ve seen and others I will someday take the time to enjoy. Most recently Dumbo, where Tim Burton once again collaborates with Disney bringing this classic story to life in his visionary way. Today as always, we need movies that help celebrate differences among us all. That celebrate core values and empowerment. I believe that once again this will be one of Tim Burtons classic films in history.

  14. This 1967 film directed by Mike Nichols got twenty one wins and sixteen nominations which include seven Academy award nominations a win for best director. It also received six Golden Globe nomination with four wins. This PG film actually is very typical and for me a classic.

    Ben a recent college graduate returns home to start a new life. Since the film starts we can see how frustration is hitting our main character. He arrives to a welcome home party from his parents. His parents guests are lifetime friends that have seen him grow up. Everyone is expecting to see this happy and successful person, ready to celebrate. But Ben is drowning in confusion and the least thing he wants to do is be around people. Mrs Robinson, one the parents friends, can be seen as one of the guests that is observing the dynamic of the situation. She senses his insecurity…. We see her hone into Ben’s life by asking Ben to take her home. To the viewers her intentions are transparent, and sure enough once there, she tries to seduce him various times before her husband gets home. When Mr Robinson finally arrives Ben soon finds out that his father’s partner is trying to set him up with his daughter. But Mrs Robinson has her own intentions. It doesn’t take long before Ben succumbs to temptation and begins a summer affair with this beautiful, seductive woman. Ben becomes Mrs Robinson’s refuge from an unhappy, alcoholic and frustrated life.

    Elaine the Robinsons’ daughter comes home from Berkley on vacation and Ben finds himself trapped into a date. As destiny has it he actually falls in love with this young and sweet girl. Mrs Robinson goes mad with both jealousy and guilt. She will do anything to separate them even if it means revealing her affair with Ben.

    That gives comence to the climax of the movie everything starts going down hill. The innocent young couple are separated by the infidelity. The family “perfect family” is broken as divorce is inevitable. No longer can they live by appearances. Elaine is shafted off to college again believing that Ben actually raped her mother. In the end, Ben never gives up and convinces Elaine of the truth of the situation, but still there is no definite commitment as Elaine is dating a young man that her parents approve of. When Ben is confronted by Mr. Robinson, Elaine is sent off and is soon to be married to this young man. Ben sets off to find her and sure enough arrives at the wedding to escape with Elaine. In the end they are seen getting onto a bus heading off to their future. But the uncertainty of that future and their insecurity can be seen on their expression as the bus drives off.

    I can strangely identify with this film, not with the affairs and the crazy family, but with his confusion about what to do after collage. Today as in the past students go through a difficult time figuring out how we are. Although there are many more alternatives and information available, parents and adults influence us greatly. We crave for a sense of their approval, yet we reach the point where we need to be our own person and make our own choices. Ben is confronted with a huge test in this film. Not only professionally but in terms of his values. He doesn’t make the best decisions and that will always catch up with you. That is the reason I chose this movie.

  15. Blog #3

    Kristen Steward has work on Hollywood and independent films. In the movie ‘’Camp x’’ is an independent film and to be honest I really liked, and Kristen stewards acting was way better in this movie that in the other movies that she had work on like the twilight saga. Manny actor that have work in depended films they have commented that is a lot easier to work with in depended films for the fact that many directors I want to keep the role that you want to be more comfortable with.
    In the movie ‘’The Miseducation of Cameron Post’’, not many people have liked it for the fact that haves a conflict with religion and LGBT contend. Mather a fact in this movie shows pretty much what happens to teen all over the word they get discriminate for who they are so their parents take some risky decisions to make them feel that there sick or to make them feel that, type of people or way of thinking. In the end of the movie is not what many people specks it doesn’t end on something happy and it doesn’t end as bad has some people think my way of thinking for this film is that they take a decision. In other words, this movie has won many awards for how it was directed and for the actors. There’s so many actors and actresses that in Hollywood or in other films in the USA that they don’t want, they prefer the same faces with the same acting that most off the time in Hollywood movies I find them boring only for the fact that there are more people for the part and could be better.

  16. Almost Famous is one of the most of unique films I’ve ever seen. It gives us a look on how the struggles of making a name for yourself can affect a band or even an aspiring young journalist. In this film we get a look behind the scenes of how the relationships between band members can be affected by jealousy, women, drugs, alcohol and fan love. The main character in this film is an aspiring young journalist named William Miller who is given the opportunity to write an article for Rolling Stone Magazine of an up-and-coming band. This film also has a lot of romance. There are so many subplots in this film that impact the viewer in many ways. The film is like a love letter to music. The main character’s mother is a very important character in this film. I think the lead guitarist of the band Russell Hammond and Elaine, William’s mother, show us two very different lifestyles. Russell shows us what it’s like to live a careless and inconsequential life that mainly focuses on partying and having a good time. Elaine shows us what it’s like to live a life following the rules, staying out of trouble and always being honest. We see how William is influenced by the rock star lifestyle and how he gets distracted from his responsibility to write the article also how he breaks the promises he made to his mother. Another important character is Russell Hammond’s love interest Penny Lane. Their relationship allows us to see the harsh reality of some rock star’s involvement with groupies while still having relationships back home. Philip Seymour Hoffman plays a small role as William’s mentor, who helps him understand the reality of the world of rock ‘n’ roll journalism.
    This is one of my favorite films ever. The acting from Frances McDormand, Billy Crudup, Phillip Seymour Hoffman and Kate Hudson is just phenomenal. This film gives us an inside look into the 70s rock ‘n’ roll scene. The soundtrack for this film was perfect. I would recommend this film to any rock ‘n’ roll fan or any film lover in general.

  17. So above, so below haves been one of the movies that I have watch more than 3 times. Is a film that uses the psychological part of what is in are memory’s and why is it hunting us and is the psychological part of the philosopher stone. For example, in one of the rooms from the movie everything had art, gold, and a mirror when the stone was removing all bad happen has in one of the characters from the movie had a mayor injury because as soon one of guys open a door that lead to a trap. The power of the stone in the movie is a trick the only power is to return the stone to is natural place, because the power with in the person on having faith and believing in god. So, in the end the 3 character found a hole and after they went don’t, they confess their sins. They jump on the hole and found a way out.

    The movie shows you the stages of hell as in how deep this people went down underground. I find this film so interesting because the sound is so well made, is not like a jump scared is that type of sound that makes you feel part of the film and it freaks people out and get’s them more into the movie obviously no everyone.

  18. Mirage (2018)
    I recently watched this movie and I absolutely loved it. The movie was directed by Oriol Paul and written by Lara Sendim and Oriol Paul. It’s currently on Netflix and I 10/10 recommend it. The movie is a Sci-fi/ Thriller and Time Traveling story from Spain. The story is about two different time periods and is based on the “butterfly effect”. This is defined as “The scientific theory that a single occurrence, no matter how small, can change the course of the universe forever” according to the urban dictionary. The plot of the story is based on Vera Roy, a happily married mother who is given the opportunity to save a little boy’s life (Nico Lasarte), who had died in the past. The incident happened 25 years ago. When she does this, her present life changes forever as she alters the past, and she tries to get back to her old life. To do so, she has to find Nico. She discovers many secrets from her past life in this new version of it. She is desperate trying to get back to her old life because of her daughter. Everything happens while the storm is happening and she figures out that she has to do the exact same things at an exact time to get back to the past. It’s confusing and hard to explain, but please watch it!!!! It maked you brainstorm and analyze every aspect of time. The movie was nominated in the 2018 Gaudí Awards for Best Supporting Actress & Visual Effects.

  19. Blade Runner 2049 (2017)

    The sequel to my all-time favorite film Blade Runner directed by Denis Villeneuve starring Ryan Gosling as Officer KD6-3.7 and Harrison Ford as Rick Deckard set 30 years after the original although it is a sequel it is enjoyable as its own movie. I loved this film so much I got emotional half way through the film because it reminded me so much of the original in terms of its amazing cinematography world building spectacular soundtrack and breath taking visual effects, I cannot emphasize how good this movie is I loved the characters the mystery the twists although almost 3 hours long it left me wanting more so much so that when I finished watching it in the theater I got back in line and bought another ticket to watch it again. The acting is great I what I think is Harrison Fords best performance in a long time. If you like science fiction and visual effects I highly recommend it.

  20. Angela A. Pagan

    The Movie the Purge is one of my favorite movies and in this case is how the government wants poor people to die. I enjoy the second movie and it’s because the director shows us how teens don’t respect elders in their jobs, so they try to be more ‘’superior’’ then others. In one scene one of the elders was fighting over the phone because his insurances for his shop where suspended the same day that the purge was going to be starting. Later from his phone call a few millennials drop by in their fancy car and just being cruel to people in and out the shop. They try to steal a few chocolate bars maybe a something to drink and the owner of the shop notices so he walks to worse the millennials and ask then nicely to drop what they were doing and one of the girls had no respect to the owner that is an elder and she even try threat the poor guy that she was going to burn down the place even with him in it. Okay I am not in the agreeing that killing is good, but I am agreeing that in the way that the movie is writing is on facts that are happening in the world and maybe we don’t see it sometimes. I don’t dislike the fact that the government in the movie want people to kill one another just for the simply fact that the world is over populated. Sometimes I think about the movie The Giver that in their society they are the ones in control of how you live, who you marry and how many kids you can only have. In the characters we see that some of them want justice but what if wear being control for a reason only because in my opinion us humans don’t know how to measure are decisions but is not the options for people being in control by the government because let’s face it nobody likes to be control by someone.

  21. One of my favorite films of all time is Blow Out. Blow Out was written and directed by Brian De Palma, he also directed well known films such as Carrie and Scarface. The movie stars John Travolta, Nancy Allen and John Lithgow. John Travolta’s character is a movie sound recordist who accidently records evidence that a car accident was actually a murder of a well known political figure. I really enjoy this film because of the originality in the plot, it is unlike any film I’ve seen. John Travolta’s performance is one of my favorite performances in a film. Quentin Tarantino cast John Travolta in Pulp Fiction because of his performance in this film. The ending of this film is very bittersweet in a way. I would recommend this movie to anyone who likes conspiracies or John Travolta.

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