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Welcome to English 124 and our blog. This blog will provide you with the materials we will be using in class for your review. Here you will find the class schedule and other documents discussed on the first day of class, power point presentations, videos and quizzes. I hope it will also be a good place to comment about films that you have watched and liked or disliked. Please feel free to comment on the progress of our blog. If there are sites you feel are important to include in our blogroll, feel free to suggest them so that they can be included.  I’m looking forward to a very enjoyable semester.

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53 thoughts on “Dear students

  1. Oren Peli is one of those responsible for the creation of Paranormal Activity. The context is developed through a camera that the actor uses to see the most common and real situation. Because of clichés make the movie predictable but entertainment at the time. After all, I hope the next movie have a more suspension and a sequence.

  2. The Virgin Suicides! This film by Sofia Coppola is very intense, like life. The title is a literal one and summarizes the whole context. The songs Coppola puts were perfect; it went hand in hand with what was happening. The starring it is too good with the five sisters and there connection acting.

  3. Mark Herman is a productor, director and writer recognized by his movie, The boy in the stripped pyjamas (2008.) Something that made this movie very striking is the subjective position between Bruno and the boy who lives behind the fence. Nevertheless, the drama is very low and narration; it missed action because the main theme is about the war. For me, the most important thing about the film is the horror caused by the Holocaust in World War II and the effect that it got. In this case, Herman did a good job trying to explain the war behind the kid’s eyes.

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