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Welcome to English 124 and our blog. This blog will provide you with the materials we will be using in class for your review. Here you will find the class schedule and other documents discussed on the first day of class, power point presentations, videos and quizzes. I hope it will also be a good place to comment about films that you have watched and liked or disliked. Please feel free to comment on the progress of our blog. If there are sites you feel are important to include in our blogroll, feel free to suggest them so that they can be included.  I’m looking forward to a very enjoyable semester.

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  1. Andrick Longoria

    Favorite Film Director:
    Wes Anderson

    As a child, Wes Anderson displayed his love of filmmaking by creating silent films with his father’s Super 8 camera. In his college years, he acquainted himself with the industry by working part-time as a cinema projectionist. It was during these years that he met Owen Wilson, who quickly became his confidant. Nowadays, he’s a frequent collaborator in Anderson’s projects. However, his talent goes beyond directing since he co-writes the screenplay for all of his films. This is an advantage because he will truly bring his vision to life on screen and pay attention to every detail. Anderson distinguishes himself by his: film shots, detailing, color palette, and story line, to name a few. The reason I became obsessed with his movies was because of the theatrical element and underlying humor that is portrayed. One can clearly see this in the film “The Grand Budapest Hotel.” As the film unfolds, it is obvious that Wes Anderson is a perfectionist, from choosing the best actor to play the part, to choosing the best buttons for the wardrobe. He has created a name for himself and a signature style in the film industry. He is often brought up next to other fantastic directors like Quentin Tarantino, Gaspar Noé, Stanley Kubrick, and Martin Scorsese. I look forward to seeing his upcoming films.

  2. Miss You Already

    Miss You Already is a 2015 drama film that includes romance. It tells the story of a woman, Milly (Toni Collette), that undergoes treatment to battle breast cancer while her best friend, Jess (Drew Barrymore), tries to get pregnant. This film was played in Fine Arts a while ago, and is one that I really wanted to watch at the theater ever since I saw the poster, but never had the chance to see. Now with my Hulu account I finally had the time to watch it.
    Since I saw the poster I knew that it was going to be one of those movies where I would need a box of Kleenex by my side, if you know what I mean. And since I am such a sucker for romance and “crying films” I knew it had to go on my watch-list. This tear-jerking film is one I like to recommend every and anyone that also like to cry watching movies. Although it gets sad, it also makes you feel good, and when you’re in those awful days, ladies especially, where you’re mood is just that of being sad this movie is the one for you.
    As I said before, it tells the story of two best friends. They have known each other for most of their lives, since Jess moved from USA to London, which is where the movie is set, with her mom when she was in elementary school. Jess and Milly hit it off from the very first time they met, and became inseparable from that moment on. They did everything together, and most importantly, were there for each other always. The had many adventures, but I won’t say so you can actually enjoy the movie. When they grow up and become adults, Milly marries, has children, has a great job, and is very beautiful. Jess meets the love of her life late in her adulthood, but that didn’t matter because they are made for each other, and he is a really great man.
    The story develops, Milly finds out about her sickness, and Jess is there with her and for her every single day. Jess wanted kids with her husband, but they were unable to bare on their own so they went with IVF treatment. Milly has a hard time adjusting to the changes of her body because of the chemo, and this causes a strain in her marriage. Of course, to make the story more dramatic, Milly and Jess have some sort of falling out, and this makes Jess not want to tell her best friend that she is pregnant. Milly’ condition worsens when the cancer spreads to her brains and leaves her blind, which makes it untreatable. Jess and Milly reunite and they tell each other everything that had happened in that time they didn’t speak, and Jess finally talks about her pregnancy. When Jess’ water breaks and she is rushed to the hospital alone, her husband being at sea on a job, she calls Milly, and although Milly is very very sick, even in her wheelchair she makes it to the hospital and is with Jess and for Jess in her time of need. And I will not talk about the ending, seeing as I want people to actually see the movie, because although Rotten Tomatoes gave it a 70%, for me it goes up to 90% in my meter. It really makes you think about your life, your friends and family, and your blessings. I just know I really, really enjoyed it.

  3. Andrick Longoria
    Four Brothers
    Directed by John Singleton and written by David Elliot and Paul Lovett. Stars with Mark Wahlberg, Tyrese Gibson and Garrett Hedlund. I really like the movie because 2 of the brothers are white and the order 2 are afro American. But no matter what they are brothers and stay together to find out everything going on.

    Four Brothers is a 2005 crime thriller, it begin with the killing of an older women everyone saw her like a saint. She adopted 4 Detroit mess up kids that go looking for the one responsible for the killing. They see the videos and realize there mother was executed. The police said it was a gang shooting because one eye witness said that’s what happen. It’s a total lie when they found the eye witness he toll the true.

    The eye witness said who did the killing and they find out there where contract killers. Three of the brothers get the information of the real person that order the execution. It’s was the street boss of Detroit that even got the police bought. The big brother paid a lot of money to the assistant of the street boss and set him up. At the end the big brother and the street boss fight until dead at the end big brother won.

  4. Allied

    I recently, on Friday, went to the movies and enjoyed watching “Allied”. It stars Brad Pitt and Marion Cotillard. I usually am a sucker for films that tell brilliant stories about World War II and everything in between. It tells story of a Canadian who goes on a mission, as a spy, to infiltrate Nazis and has to portray a french husband married to another spy, acting as his wife, Marianne Beauséjour (Marion Cotillard). Of course they fall in love, because what drama movie doesn’t have romance involved? And so as they finish they’re mission he is sent back to his office in London, and is met by her a few weeks later when they marry in real life. People who knew Max Vatan (Brad Pitt) couldn’t believe that he fell in love and got married, being the always serious man he was. But she changed his life. The had a daughter named Anna, lived in a beautiful house, and were really happy. Max was always sent on mission with the Air Force, and Marianne was for the most part, the housewife. She loved throwing parties, and always enjoyed herself.
    As the story develops, Max’s superiors are concerned about whether his wife was a german spy, or not. Apparently, someone was exchanging information with the enemy that nobody knew, besides them. Max is asked to set a trap for his wife to prove if she really is or isn’t a german spy. He is appalled by the idea, and didn’t want to do it, but had no choice. They told him that it it was true, he had to kill her himself. Obviously, he was in denial and hurt by everything. He didn’t really knew much about her except that they met in Casablanca and that her team was abandoned by V Section, or at least that’s what she told him. He then went and started asking information about her without telling anybody, but what he wanted was to prove everyone wrong about his wife. Even she didn’t know what he was up to.
    Sadly, he learns that she fell for the trap, and that what one person described Marianne to be, didn’t add up completely to his wife. He confronts her about it, heartbroken, and she confesses. She told him that she was a german spy, but when they married she tried to get out of it and that they threatened her daughter, which “left her no choice”. But that she really was in love with him, and that she really loved her family. He then kills the spies that were undercover like her, the nanny, and the jeweler. They take off, try to escape because he didn’t want to kill her and as they reach the airplanes, Max’s superior intercepts him and tells him to do what was asked of him. Marianne knows the toll it took Max to make a decision, pleads for forgiveness, says goodbye and kills herself, in Max’s face. The superior then orders the other soldiers to report that Max did was he was ordered to, and not say anything else. Max and Anna move on with their lives and “live happily ever after”.
    Like I said before, movies like these I adore. It really is so inexplicably incredible to know things from history like this. Me being the romantic fool that I am, I just couldn’t with that much. My eyes were all watery and I had chills down my spine. I recommend this movie to any and everyone that like films like this one. People might find it a bit slow, but for me it was perfect, because you’re in suspense throughout the whole movie, and that’s what makes it so amazing at the end. Truly brilliant, electrifying, amazing, and beautiful.

  5. Benedict Cumberbatch plays Dr. Strange an egotistical talented neurosurgeon whose abilities are destroyed in a car accident that crushes his hands. After wasting all of his money looking for a way to fix his hands his last result presents itself in Katmandu. This is where he meets the Ancient One (Tilda Swinton) who exposes him to the infinite dimensions and teaches him to own his sorcery skills. During the training Strange learns to control energy, bend physical reality , creates portals to different astral realms, control time, wield supernatural powers and even separate body and spirit. Mid training he is confronted by Kaecilius (Mads Mikkelsen) a former disciple of the Ancient One who threatens the order of the universe.

    Beautiful images and effects help to create the illusions of morphed reality and illustrate their powers that derive from the universe’s energy which they use to create instruments to fight. This is no ordinary superhero movie, it involves monks, the mind and spirit’s relationship, and floating capes that can fight. It presents clever and puzzling situations and Cumberbatch perfectly portrays the witty Dr. Stange. It has many different comic relief and incredible actors. Tilda Swinton perfectly portrays the Ancient One with facial expressions that only she could do and that would perfectly represent the Ancient One’s thoughts, feelings and state of mind, especially at the end of the film. It is a film with an unexpected plot if you do not know about the comic and wildly entertaining.

  6. Andrick Longoria

    Sully is a story based on true event about an airline pilot that land a plane in the Hudson River in January 15, 2009. Chesley Sullenberger “Sully” is the pilot that safely did that landing. The film stars with Tom Hanks as “Sully”, directed by Clint Eastwood and written by Todd Komarnick. I don’t like that much drama movies but this one is pretty good.
    The movie begins with “Sully” having a nightmare of a plane crashing with a building. After the experience of the landing in the Hudson River because birds got into the turbines. Everyone thought Sully is a hero except the airline he work for. The people knew he save 155 souls and see him as a heroic person. But the airline wanted a reason to blame him not the plane. The airline want to see that “Sully” decision was the wrong one, they said if he follow the book the plane would be landed in the airport safely, it was a lie.
    But when they go to the case revision the airline begins talking about all the other possibilities he should done to save the people and the plane. At first you think “Sully is done because all the information they have. Until Sully begins to talk with all that pilot experience and explain the fact that we are humans. We are not perfect and we don’t know what is going to happen but in that situation he choose the best decision.

  7. The film Maleficent, directed by Robert Stromberg, brings back one of Disney’s classic villain showing her story from a different perspective. This movie starts from who she was before Maleficent and how did she become a dragon witch. Everyone knows Sleeping Beauty and that Maleficent is a villain with no heart and she dies because of the prince. People has portrayed Maleficent as evil without showing what really led her to be what she is. Like people say, don’t judge a book by it’s cover.

    The movie shows how much evil can come from a past experience that hasn’t being resolve. Yes, it is a fairy tale movie, but it brings out some topics that deals with society one way or another. For example, when Maleficent lose her wings shows how someone who she really trusts took her innocence just because of ambitious thoughts. It also shows that making another person pay for something that a person did was horrible, as seen when Maleficent curses Princess Aurora because her father hurt her. Like we say today, the children don’t have the fault of the parent’s errors. We can also see how people can change through time.

    This movie had 50% Rotten Tomatoes unfortunately because, besides Angelina Jolie’s excellent and magical performance, everything around it didn’t justify effectively. It’s interesting to know that Jolie herself tried to make her character evil as it is, but that wasn’t the purpose of the movie I guess. The soundtrack was great, but Lana Del Rey’s interpretation of “Once Upon a Dream” was outstanding. This song has been interpreted so many versions but this one I think is the best one. The curse scene is a classic one, just like in the 1959 Disney Sleeping Beauty.

  8. One film i really enjoy every single time i watch it, is the fifth element. I am a huge fan of Science fiction films and its story is placed in the twenty-third century where evil strikes earth and the only possible way to stop it was if the fifth element came to earth.The interesting thing is that the fifth element holds in his power water,earth, wind and fire and it only comes to the earth every five thousands years, but right in time a spacecraft lands bringing the fifth element in it, but it’s unfortunately destroyed by the evil attacks of the mangalores creatures creating a chaos in the process later, several scientist take the fifth element DNA and use it to create a perfect woman named leeloo, reproducing all the features of the fifth element in her, she breaks out of the laboratory and faces the world where she also meets Korben Dallas a taxi driver who helps her in her mission and ends up truly falling in love with her.

  9. Javier Alvarez Santiago

    Film that I enjoyed

    There are many films that have been made thorough out the years with different types of story lines. Some films more popular than others and more memorable for example the movie series fast & the furious. Is a very popular series about a group of so called criminals that live there live on edge the series is now on its 8th movie and it does not look like it will stop there.
    Fast and the furious has many famous actors such as Paul Walker Vin Diesel and Dewayne the rock Johnson. The most memorable movie I have seen from this series is fast and the furious six the setting is in Europe and Hobs (The Rock) is tasked with catching Shaw a war criminal trying to build a electronic device that disables a countries power grid. Hobs seeks the help of Dominic Toreto who escaped him for many years the movie becomes into a more action based thriller when the scene and story line take over in Europe. Once in Europe the movie takes all twist and turns. The reason this is my favorite movie is because not only is it action based it also follows a very good story line. Dom’s Ex girlfriend is believed to be dead but when Hobbs shows him documents showing that she is alive and working with Shaw and his crew. Dom becomes highly interested in hopes that him and letty will be reunited but when they first encounter each other letty shoots him in his shoulder. The reason is she has lost all of her memory so now he has to prove to her that he knows the real her with that happening shaw turns on her as she slowly starts falling for Dom again. This movie is full of action with racing and fighting scenes all while keeping a great story line in place.
    With all the suspense action and drama as well very well known characters this is why fast and the furious six is one of my favorite movies.

  10. My favorite Movie is “A Little Princess” from 1995.

    A man has to go to War so he leaves his young daughter in a boarding school for girls only. There she makes new friends and somehow even enemies. The girl (Sara) befriends a young black girl who works in the school, she makes the beds for the girls leaving there and helps with the food, anything.

    A few months later, Sara’s father is declared dead. Therefore she is homeless, she has nowhere to go and since no one can pay for her studies she is forced to work in the school with the young black girl and live in the attic with her.

    Even if Sara is hurting from the loss of her father, she tries everything in her to stay positive and help her new friend and co-worker to be happy. So, she starts telling stories and acting them; the stories are about magical places, normally about India where she used to live with her father. One of the girls caughts her telling these stories and demands to listen everytime Sara has a new story to tell. Words gets around fast and soon a lot of the girls sneak to the attic to hear Sara’s stories and Becky’s (her co-worker and friend). It’s forbidden for the girls to have any type of wild imagination, and soon Miss Minchin, the headmaster, finds them and forbids Sara and Becky to get out of the room. Leaving them with absolutely no food whatsoever. Sara starts imagining again with Becky, how the old beds would be a big comfy bed with golden sheets, and they would have so much food…

    They wake up the next day with everything they wished they had in the room. From across their window they see an indian man with a monkey sitting on his shoulder who gives them a little bow.

    The indian man living next door is taking care of a man who was badly injured from the war, and who has amnesia.

    Sara believes that he is her father and tries to comfront the man but he can’t remember her at all.

    This movie is set during World War I, so I think it’s interesting how Sara can befriend a black girl even when everyone thought they were bad people. And how magic is also enrolled in this movie. How friendship is very important to Sara, and how she copes with the mean words thrown at her. The love she has for her father is very powerful too, seen through out the movie. The movie has a very special message and I highly recommend it!!

  11. I had the opportunity recently to watch a movie called “Sexo, Pudor y Lagrimas” a Mexican film of 1999 director Antonio Serrano, I really loved the fact of being a movie where various problems domestic partnership touch, Director he came to be very successful with this film in his country reaching break sales records, this due to the way the characters entwine are achieved.

    This film tells the story of 6 people, 3 men and 3 women, 4 of which make them two couples who go through problems that require them to live an unhappy life with their partners. Some of marriages formed by Martin and Ana epitomized by (Victor Huggo Martin and Susana Zabaleta) live in a constant struggle between unmanly husband expressed in different ways especially as it pertains sex life, where Ana wants to have a husband more passionate, meanwhile Martin prefers to have a life detached from fleshly lusts which typically drive us. The problems of this couple are increased due to the visit of an old friend who happens to be the ex-boyfriend of his wife, this triggers various situations of jealousy and personal complexes.

    On the other hand made by Michael and Andrea couple who are personified by the actors (Jorge Salinas and Cecilia Zuares) live a completely dysfunctional relationship, the countless infidelities by the husband, physical and psychological abuse in which the wife is involved makes life so miserable, this couple also is involved in a threesome as he enters his life’s unexpected visit from Mary (Monica Dionne) an old love Michael who triggers jealousy, desire and more problems for the couple.

    Martín J Silva
    The film takes a turn when due to situations that develop in the film making couples separated and went to live in separated by a street homes, this gives each character a sense of liberation of the problems giving opportunity in the search what they really want.

    The film tries to show us a different way through history the reality that many people living with a partner or even those who seek happiness and live company.

    I found a very well done film in how events develop, 100% recommended.

  12. I recently watched “The skin I live in”, which is a Spain movie with Antonio Banderas and is one of my favorites by far. The movie blown my mind, I love the movies that are hard to know what will happen. It is unpredictable and leaves you intrigued to see what happens next. Another movie that happened to me the same thing is, Stonehearts Asylum. This film play with your mind. The things that you think are going to happen it will never happen. This is the type of movie that you know everything at the end of the movie. But it’s a drama, horror and mystery that will leave intrigued. I just loved everything about this movie, the actors, the idea, the scenography and the script.

  13. Andrick Longoria
    Last week I was watching Netflix and saw a great movie. Colonia a movie directed by Floran Gallenberger from a script by Torsten Wenzel and the director, based on true events. The movie begging with a romance between Lena that’s a flight attendant and a German born activist Daniel Bruhl. Lena gets to Chile, after the plane, she take a bus to the hotel and run in to Daniel. She goes running and jumps to his arms they had a lovely couple of days until they get in trouble with the militia. Daniel gets beat down and taken to the south to a religious headquarters. The place is run by a German call Paul Schäfer he was the real boss when this happen in real live.

    When Lena find out where they took Daniel she goes looking for him. She goes undercover and becomes part of the community. Lena makes Paul think she is looking for god. Daniel was tortured with electricity at the end he makes them believe he is brain damage, the people in the community give him more space because they thought he became retarded. In this community men and women couldn’t see each other because Paul want them in control. The day Lena was going to take a beating from the men’s Daniel was trying to escape on the way he activated the alarm and she gets save from the beating. Lena knew he was there but Daniel didn’t knew she was there, he work with the iron smith so he has access to a couple of tools. When he see that Lena is in that horrible place too Daniel looks for an escape in a hurry. He finds that under the iron shop there is a tunnel that’s lets to an exit of that crazy place. The only problem was a gate was in the tunnel but he found a saw to break it. They leave the place and lets the true come to the light.
    In the place they tortured people, abused and killed it was run by the Chilean secret police. Paul was charged with child molesting and other crimes in Argentina. They have to take Daniel and Lena in a hurry out of Chile because they wanted to kill them. I recommend this movie because you learn about history events that happened in the 1970 not too long ago and one of the social problem that still happening around the world.

  14. I remember the time I got to see the movie Deadpool with my friends. It was premiere night and the tickets were sold out, but luckily we managed to get some tickets to see it. I really like this movie and not just because of its action, comedy, or violence. But it’s because of the execution that this movie had. This was the movie the whole marvel community was waiting for. That is the way Deadpool should be and the community agrees. This movie was done perfectly and it was the prefect mix of comedy with action. Deadpool is known for being a mercenary who can break the fourth wall and knows that he is a character in a comic. The first time Deadpool was introduced was in the movie X-Men Origins: Wolverine which explains the whole story of Wolverine and how he got his ability of regeneration. Deadpool was played by Ryan Reynolds and people liked him as Deadpool because it suited him. Eventually we get to see Deadpool at the end of X-Men Origins, but not the way the community wanted it. From that point on the community bashed that movie saying that 20th Century Fox ruined the character, until the new movie Deadpool came out.
    The new movie delivered the fans what they wanted, the real Deadpool. The movie did a great job on the character design and keeping it related to the comics. The movie shows that the producers went all out in this film. The movie is violent, but it’s also a comedy. Deadpool is known as the “Merc with the mouth”. This is because he’s always taking everything as a joke and that is what makes him a fun and lovable character. The movie does a good job in showing references to other Marvel characters, such as Wolverine, and Charles Xavier (also known as Professor X), the Green Lantern, and much more. Also, the movie shows one of Deadpool’s greates feats, the fourth wall break. Deadpool tends to break the fourth wall so that he can interact with the reader and the reason is because he knows he’s a comic book character. This is why in the movie there are magazines with Ryan Reynolds, and Hugh Jackman in the cover; as well as making a reference to the different actors who have played the character Charles Xavier.
    Deadpool has delivered what the Marvel fans wanted a “good” Deadpool movie. 20th Century Fox knew the mistake they did and they fixed with this movie. This is the first rated- R Marvel movie and this shows that not all super hero movies have to be toned down and be rated PG-13. I was very pleased with this movie and I had a great time. Ryan Reynolds as Deadpool was amazing, even he says that he loves the character and that he always wanted to play as him. Deadpool will be getting a sequel and I’m hoping that is as funny and entertaining as the first one.
    Now, would I recommend this movie? Yes, I would definitely recommend this movie to anyone except little kids, of course. The movie may be violent, but that doesn’t take away the comedy and the thrill that the movie wants you to have. I think Deadpool is one of my favorite Marvel movies and this goes to show that Marvel and 20th Century Fox don’t have to be worried about making their movies rated- R. People want to see more and now the fans are waiting for the sequel in hopes that it will be as fun and wild as ever and have an incredible story.

  15. While in class I developed a interest in Del Toro movie, Pan’s Labyrinth, a mexican movie based in the 40′ Franco-ite Spain. Ofelia a young girl moves with her mother (Carmen) and with her step-father who is a ruthless Captain of Franco. Ofelia is driven by fantasy, and seems to hate her step-father in the beginning we can see how Captain Vidal can be; he kills to innocent men just for a rabbit, that show us that he will do anything for a son, he will do anything.

    Ofelia has curiosity for the woods where she finds a labyrinth. In there a magnificient, mystical creature lived. The creature named Faun, meet Ofelia and tell’s her thats she’s a princess, but she needs to carry out 3 task for her to prove that she’s not human. Del Toro is known for a taste in the mystical and dramatic-suspense. Each creature represent Spain past and present, showing us with the second creature how Franco people can be so arrogant and mean. It was a dramatic movie that shows how a new Spain will be born with the sacrifice for the innocent.

  16. One of the films I saw this summer and was very excited to watch is Free State Jones (2016). The movie consist of man that is opposed to slavery and instead of fighting the Union he flees to his home Jones County, because of this, he’s wanted by the law. As he’s deserted he joins a refuge group of runaway slaves, with them he forms a remarkable rebellion to abolish slavery. The first scene of the film is as bloody as it could get. It felt real. I felt sadness and yet I felt captivated and wanted to know more; the men screaming, running, getting shot was making me feel involved with the film. Suddenly there’s the famous Matthew McConaughey, playing Newton Knight a nurse trying to help every single injured solider. I was surprised and curious, because I’ve never actually seen a Civil War story from this point of view, and because of this I thought it was going to be great film.
    In just an instant Newton Knight is the hero, I see his kind heart trying to save everybody. He gets teased by soldiers because “he’s just a nurse” he defends his position by telling them that if he weren’t there nobody could take care of the soldiers, I obviously agreed and felt a little hate towards the soldiers that clearly are ungrateful.
    During the night at camp his nephew comes by and turns out he escaped from his home because he was getting drafted by the Union, Knight is anxious due to the situation and decides to help his nephew, the next day he gives him a uniform from the camp, but at that moment when his nephew is finally in disguise and everyone is having a calm time, the Union attacks the camp. I was expecting something bad to happen, everything felt real, you could predict things in a very subtle way during this scene and yet you weren’t sure of what was coming. His nephew gets shot, I really did not expect that, I was so disappointed yet I liked how real it felt; it was during this scene that I thought, “Oh my, all of the fathers, brothers, uncles, friends that had to go through that, and still have to today.” It was horrible, there was no time to process what was happening, it is definitely something that no one can ever forget, even if they tried. It’s at this moment just after the kid gets shot, that Newton decides to honor his nephew and take his body back home to Jones County, by doing so he was defying the law since he was “escaping” and leaving his duty. On the journey to his family’s house he thinks he will return to camp. As I watch the film I’m thinking, “don’t go back, Newt, don’t even think about it.” When he finally arrives to his destination he decides he’ll stay. He sees his baby boy and the mother of his baby. I was so confused because they weren’t a couple but they lived at the same house, I thought they were apart only because he was at war but apparently there was more to it. I was confused.
    During his time in Jones County he realizes he won’t hide, he will fight for the people having to fight a war that isn’t theirs, and he will free enslaved men, women and children because it’s the right thing. Most of the black people where enslaved, and it wasn’t just a black people problem, it was everyone’s problem, a human problem, and that is what Newton Knight did, he made it his problem because it was. While I was realizing all of that that I was so amazed and inspired, words can’t really describe the greatness and the courage this man and all who stood by his side had.
    Most of what I observed was good, but the movie has a very slow pace and it can make the movie boring or tiresome and some point. There are scenes or dialogues that are unnecessary, most scenes could have been shorter. Many times I thought the film had ended but it turned out it wasn’t close to over. One of the flaws is that the movie made me feel like it hit the climax point many times when it hadn’t, the plot was going up and suddenly down and then again, it felt never ending. Just when everything was getting settled and it looked like it was the end, something big would happen all over again. It’s not that the movie should have gotten less material, but that it should have been expressed in a way that didn’t look like that was it.
    Seeing a story of the Civil War from a different perspective is great, and mostly when it involves peace between black and white people. I say, watch the film, you may not fall in love with it, but it’s worth watching, you’ll learn lots of impacting things both historically and cinematographically.

  17. I recently watched Mustang, a Turkish film that tells the story of five orphan girls living under the care of their grandmother and uncle. The film begins when the five sisters are let out of school on their last day before Summer begins. On their way home they stop and play fun and innocent games with their friends, which so happen to be boys. Later on this has terrible consequences that lead to their family members completely overreacting the situation. They get pulled from school and get their technology taken away, as their grandmother and uncle thought it was corrupting them. During their summer vacation, if it can be called that, the girls spent their days learning about their obligations as women (cooking, cleaning, etc). They’re obviously not pleased with the change in lifestyle and they commence a rebellion, which only leads to more rules and restrictions.

    The film also displays other themes, such as, sex, rape, marriage, love, misogyny, among others. Truth be told, it’s not for everyone to watch, as it portrays a lot of raw images that could be a little disturbing to certain people. Overall, it’s a great movie that lets viewers experience the appalling reality for women in countries that are mostly dominated by the Islamic beliefs.

  18. I recently went to watch the film “Suicide Squad” by David Ayer released on August 5,2016 in the United States. Unfortunately it came out a whole lot differently than I assumed. The movie takes place in this prison for metahumans and villains located in Louisiana where they keep the most dangerous villains under surveillance. So to give an overview of the plot a secret government agency, led by the ruthless Amanda Waller, recruits some of the most dangerous, incarcerated villains on the planet to execute dangerous missions and save the world from a potentially apocalyptic threat from a mysterious, supernatural entity. Each of these villains necks are injected with a small self-destructive chip in case they decide to escape or do any sort of harm during the mission. The Suicide Squad is composed by Dead shot played by Will smith who is the never missing shooter, Enchantress who later on becomes the main problem in the movie, El Diablo who is a tattooed covered bald man that has massive fire bending skills, the famous Harley Quinn with her mentally unstable comments and amazing fighting abilities and so on. Now I personally thought this movie was going to be a collaboration of Harley Quinn and the Joker against the world which was what I really paid for. I thought they were going to be the center and heart of this film but as I kept on watching I saw that the film was concentrated in many more villains than I thought. One thing I really disliked was that the joker rarely appeared. He just made a few scenes in which he tried to rescue Harley Quinn in various occasions but other than that, there was no other appearance. The attention of the movie was distributed between all characters making the point of my purchase for the film quite disappointing but not regretting. I didn’t dislike the film but I was expecting more of the famous psychotic duo.

    My feelings towards the joker’s persona were unstable. I like the way he acted and the way he really got into his character as well as I didn’t. I think he was great but he was still missing that bit of the old joker that we know and love. He was more serious in this film while the joker naturally likes to use a lot of sarcasm and fatal jokes along with more malicious gestures. Maybe the change of look and the modern more attractive physique they planted on him changed a bit of the entire personality. Looks influence the spectators view on the character but so does the voice, attitude and gestures. It’s a whole package. Since they see something new, something different, they start to see the changes in the character and actor itself which is what I believed happened to me. Also the spotlight was changing constantly, there was many things happening at the same time. I believe that the point of this was to try to highlight everybody’s personal background in order to deepen and connect each character’s story with their attitudes.

    Over all I believe the movie was exquisitely entertaining. Many famous stars like Viola Davis and the famous model Cara Delevingne were present and played a very important role in the movie. Action was very present and that was very important since you can’t make a villain/superhero movie without action and violence of course. I think that the concept of creating villains into heroes in a realistic way until the end was a clever and very rare idea. The film doesn’t end with a happy ending for all which I liked since it made the film more realistic. They were asked what they wanted in return for their work but were still maintained in their cells until their prison years were over. This seems particularly fair considering the fact that they still are “bad guys” in Gotham City. But there was never a part in which I stopped being intrigued so I really do recommend it.

  19. I recently saw an Argentinian film called “Corazón de León” in fine arts. A brief synopsis of the film would be the following: a man that suffers from “GHD” (Growth Hormone Deficiency) falls in-love with a woman with a woman that despite her feelings for him, is still affected by his disorder. He is the perfect man, and the only man she has ever felted happy with, but confronted by social and cultural prejudices and discrimination’s, they seem to add up to her own feelings of insecurities and fears. The film emphasizes on the things only love is capable of transcending. I think it was beautiful, realistic and genuine; I haven’t enjoyed myself like that on the movie theaters in a long while.

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