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Hi students! One of your first assignments is to write about your favorite director. The following is a comment on mine. Notice that I’ve been specific about what I like, I’ve provided titles for films, and dates. You might need to research a bit before you write. The Internet Movie Database is an excellent source of information. Your comment should be about the length of mine to be able to get the full 25 points.

Four years ago, Martin Scorcese, one of the greatest American film directors, finally received an Oscar for The Departed. He had waited patiently and graciously for the Academy to recognize his life-long achievements as a director.  I do accept that The Aviator and Gangs of New York were not his best films, but they were very well-made and well-acted. Clint Eastwood , who received the Oscar for Million Dollar Baby the year The Aviator lost, had already received an Oscar for directing. Though Million Dollar Baby is an excellent film, the movie is full of clichés and not very original. Eastwood, much like Robert Redford, makes interesting low-budget films-but not films that will last forever.

Scorcese’s body of work is much more engaging and varied. His films are studied at colleges and universities all over the world, but the Academy had failed to acknowledge his talent. I guess they were waiting to give him a Life Achievement Award, after all Scorcese is sixty-five. His best work, in my opinion, is Taxi Driver, Raging Bull, Goodfellas, and Casino, and of course The Departed. These films span almost four decades of significant films that have impacted and enriched our lives. My favorite film, however, was not critically acclaimed in any way. But, it’s a film that I love and have watched many, many times- The Age of Innocence (1993). Because it is a period piece, very different from the topics Scorcese usually works with, it wasn’t well received. This film, based on the novel of the same name by Edith Wharton-one of my favorite authors, recreates the Gilded Age wonderfully. The main characters played by Michelle Pfeiffer, Daniel Day-Lewis, and Winona Ryder are outstanding. This, of course, is not an action film-and there are no gangsters around. Nevertheless, it’s a thoroughly enjoyable film for those who enjoy classic tales of love. Scorcese also made a film in 1988 about the life of Christ, The Last Temptation of Christ, which was panned-basically because this Jesus got married to Mary Magdelene. This is one movie I disliked-not because of Jesus and Mary Magdalene-but because it seemed artificial and contrived.

In 2005 Scorcese was awarded the French Legion of Honor for his contribution to cinema and in 2007 he was honored by the Kennedy Center. So, after The Departed, the Academy HAD to award him the best director Oscar-one he has deserved for a long long time. So who’s your favorite director?

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  1. Francisco Leon Barrios is known in the movie industry as Paco Leon was born October 4th in 1974 in Sevilla, Spain. He is not a Hollywood director and that is what makes him unique through my eyes. Mrs. Leon has been able to outreach his directed films audience target internationally.
    His aspirations were always to be in the industry; therefore he started by being part of local plays. After that he landed the roles in a low budget TV film named “Castillos En El Aire” (1999) y “Asalto Informatico” (2001). His big break as a director and producer started after he directed the TV series “Homo Zapping”, a comic satire about trending event occurring in between 2003 and 2007. In addition to the success he was getting in the small screen, he became an unexpected guest in the TV series “7 vidas” that lead him to later be the lead star and protagonist of the famous TV series “Aída” (2005-2014). Once again his name kept on rising, and was the must have comedy stars.

    In 2006, the television show named “Ácaros” was directed by Paco León and is known as the artistic scenery that leads him to direct movies. In 2012 he debuted as a movie director to the film “Carmina o Revienta”. This was a huge deal because it was inspired in his autobiography; he also got a chance to work with his mother whom played the lead character Carmina. Gratefully this film got a part two in 2014 known as “Carmina y Amén”. León’s latest and recent work was in 2016 directing the film “Kiki, el Amor Se Hace”. That same year he directed “Embarazados” featuring Alexandra Jiménez.

    The comedy genre has always been my favorite; the uniqueness of creating fictional moments and encouraging the audience to find happiness in every moment is amazing. Paco as a director has a way of making awkward feel normal. He is a rising director and I had the opportunity to meet him when he came to Puerto Rico two years ago, promoting his movies and talent and I was truly impressed because he always had a positive attitude towards life and his work. He is really centered and confident in what he does. I know that Hollywood is the ultimate goal in a directors life that’s why his diversity and public outreach may get him their.

  2. James Wan is an Australian film director, screenwriter, and producer of Malaysian Chinese descent. He is well known for his horror films such a Saw (2004), Dead Silence (2007), Death Sentence (2007), Insidious (2010), The Conjuring (2013) and Furious 7 (2015). Before his big hit that was the film Saw he was in the mainstream film industry and after that he began to work with the movie Saw and with that he began to grow as a film director. With some research done the movie Saw earned “55 million dollars in America, 48 million dollars in other countries, totaling over US$103 million worldwide” Even though a lot of people think that he is a great film director, sadly he has only won one award “Pegasus Audience Award” again for the movie Saw. He puts a lot of different elements on his films and he is always well aware of what he, the staff and characters does, that way he can improve more his work.

    Most of his films leave the audience on the edge of their sit, and its because he makes his films focus on human fears something that it’s really important, that’s how the audience get sumerge into the movie, such as being trapped and torture -Saw-, the paranormal -The Conjuring- having a family member ill -Insidious-, the fear of dolls -Dead Silence- He also makes sure that he put characters in the films that the audience care about, not all the movies do that, most of the movies have characters that aren’t really that important and people careless for them, but in his case its different, for example Ed and Lorraine Warren from the movies The Conjuring, two characters that are very important along with the others characters on the film. Sadly James Wan is going to be away from the horror genre to focus on his new film Aquaman (2018), and hopefully that movie is as good or better than his other films.

  3. Timothy Walter Burton, one of the most famous and creative directors of our time, known for his unique cartoons and some of the most imaginative stories. His movies travel all around the world and known from all ages. He spent all of his childhood drawing cartoons and watching old movies, in the 9th grade his artistic skills where recognized by a local garbage company when he won a prize for a poster he designed. His poster was in all the garbage trucks that year. He then graduated and went on to college to study art, having his first job as an animator for Disney. His most popular movies are known as “Beetlejuice” a classic childhood movie, “Edward Scissorhands” which was done right after doing “Beetlejuice” and gained the same success. Winona Ryder and Johnny Depp the two stars of this film made it even a bigger success, the two bringing an incredible performance together making it and equal love story. Burton is also known for “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory” made in 2005 also making a huge success in the film industry and even making it a must read for many children in elementary school.

    Burton’s films often have a Gothic feel to them, sometimes including a Christmas or Halloween scenes, like shown in the movie “Corpse Bride” and “The Nightmare Before Christmas” which are both animation films and frequently show dead or dismembered dogs, one of his trade marks. He often likes to open his films with a quiet nighttime snowfall and with a personal version of the studio’s logo. Burton has won many awards for his amazing talent, going his whole life making the most creative films in history. He was nominated for 2 Oscars, has had 20 awards including Best Animated Film, Best Director-Motion Picture with another 63 nominations. Burton’s films will be passed down from generation to generation making each year more and more fans, his a director that will never be forgotten in the Film Industry.

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