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I finally had the opportunity to watch Darren Aronofsky’s The Black Swan. In fact after watching it twice, I confirmed that I had understood well what the film was trying to say. Before watching this film, you should read about The Black Swan ballet because it will provide many clues about what is happening.

Most people have focused on the lesbian scene, which lasts only a few seconds, and not on this ballerina’s gradual descent into madness. The main character, Nina (Natalie Portman), is a perfectionist who has been overprotected by her mother. She is twenty-eight-does not seem to have any romantic liaisons , or other interests besides her career. Because her dancing technique is so perfect, her teacher Thomas Leroy (Vincent Cassel) thinks that she would be the perfect white swan, but that she lacks the passion to become the black swan. That established, we see how her sexual repression, her family situation, and her rivalries with other dancers affect her. As she becomes more unstable, we see her becoming the black swan, but losing her life in the process.

A deeper look into the story will uncover what I think is the most disturbing situation. Is the ballerina’s sexual repression caused by her mother’s sexual abuse? The film provides much evidence that would point to this possibility.

If you like “feel good”movies, don’t watch this one. This is by far the best film this year in terms of its thought-provoking story, originality, performances, and cinematography. It’s simply outstanding. Natalie Portman truly deserved her Oscar for best performance, she gave it her all. I give this film a thumbs up.

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  1. She’s The Man

    2000’s movies… Where feel-good movies were most filmed and viewed by teenagers of that time, “She’s The Man” was one of them. Amanda Bynes, before her troubled times over the past years, she was one funny girl in this teen sports comedy film in 2006. This movie was inspired by William Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night. The movie is about an attractive high school girl named Viola Hastings (Bynes) who just wanted to play soccer. But, after the school cut the girls’ team, she finds herself talking with the boys’ team coach about playing along with the boys in their team, having gender equality to be exact, thinking that there’s no difference between playing with them if girls are as good as boys. which is true. The coach found it funny and laughs at her along some of the guys in the team. “Girls aren’t as fast as boys. It’s not me talking, it’s a scientific fact,” the coach tells her. “Girls can’t beat boys. It’s as simple as that.” which I personally found irrelevant and ignorant, but let’s get back to the plot of the movie.

    Talking about that sexist Dr. Seuss like rhyme is what Viola was convinced in posing as her twin brother, Sebastian, who she has been told that she resembles a lot with him, especially by her “lack of curves”. When Sebastian went out of town, Viola dressed as Sebastian, makes the soccer team in his school and beats her own high school team on the field. This type of stories we see a lot in comedy, a woman or man swapping clothes that makes it laughable. Here, in this particular case of a movie, director Andy Fickman, makes the point a little bigger. It’s fun to see Viola trying to become a guy, but in my personal opinion there’s nothing funny about WHY she’s becoming one. It’s a serious matter She want to try to make a point of being a woman who takes action when others try to push her down. Viola initially tries too hard to be what she thinks a man should be with Sebastian’s classmates. Viola isn’t the only character railing against the construct of gender. Duke, the sensitive jock, also struggles to be the kind of man the world expects him to be. Viola gets to play in the big game as herself at the end of the movie, and prove she’s just as good as the guys, without having to dress like one. Viola is the one who who ends up teaching her teammates about what it means to be a “man,” which really means being unafraid to go against what is expected of you, no matter what gender you are.

    She’s The Man is a feminist movie. This one is definitely good for a laugh, but there’s also a truth in the idea that gender is a social construct, not necessarily a biological one. Forget about labels and let’s expand our understanding of what it means to be a boy, girl or just… plain human. We need to forget about the stereotypes, since there’s no limit on how either gender behaves. It’s a great feel-good comedy movie who empowers all of this.

  2. After watching Hacksaw Ridge for the second time (one on the theater and the other one on Netflix) I came to a decision that is one of the best films I’ve ever watched. Based on true events, this film is settled in the heart of the world war II years, when the pacific war against Japan began. American soldiers had to conquer a hill to eliminate Japanese forces on top of the ridge.

    The film begins years after the WWII began, telling us the story of the main character. He lived in a family that was very religious, but he wasn’t. Until he almost kills his brother with a rock when they were fighting. Years pass and the war starts. He want to go and defend his country, his father was ex military and he goes to army training with his brother. He believes so much in religion that he asks the army if he can go to war without a weapon. The main character doesn’t believe in killing, he only believes in helping people.

    Before he is deployed to war he goes to a court with all the army to heads, they don’t want him to deploy him and want to arrest him for conspiracy of treason. After some evidence brought by his father to court, he is free to go. He is deployed to the hell of war without a single gun to defend himself. He accepts the terms and goes to war. He runs for his life as he saves more than 30 allies in the war ground, all alone, without a gun; just running and carrying people. He won the medal of honor and became a legend in the Army.

    The story this film is telling us, for me is one of the best I’ve ever seen. The main character just wants to help people, it doesn’t matter if it is in the war, he goes and gives the help to his teammates without killing or hurting anyone.

  3. Clueless is one of my favorite movies. Its consider a comedy chick flick movie with a little drama yet a classic one since it came out in 1995. The movie is based on Jane Austen’s (1815) novel Emma, updating the setting to modern Beverly Hills for the time it was filmed. Its directed by Amy Heckerling and the main star is Alicia Silverstone.

    The movie is about a young teenager named Cher Horowitz who is very wealthy and lives in Beverly Hills with her widowed father who is a very successful lawyer. She is very naive and has a superficial lifestyle with an amazing taste in fashion and considered the most popular girl in school. Her best friend Dionne has a similar outlook on life thanks to her too. Cher under her innocence and rage tries to help everyone, specially out of her convenience and tries to get away with everything but in a good way. She must “survive” the ups and downs of any typical adolescent life along with her charm, and intelligence help her to deal with relationships, friends, family, school, and the all-important teenage social life.

    Clueless more than just being a chick flick is also a fashion trendsetter. In the movie you can see the variety of styles back in the early 90’s but Cher stylistically was always beyond and making a fashion statement. Her outfits were always “on point”, she dressed from expensive brands and new all fashion designer names. Her closet was way modern, it consisted on a computer in which she could search all the clothes she had and mix and match them. Many people started to dress like her or used the movie as inspiration to their fashion style. Still now a day people use this movie as inspiration like for example Iggy Azalea, a rapper, who made a remake of various scenes from the movie and adapted it to her video Fancy featuring Charli XCX.

    This film has had a huge impact for many people and a few generations. Clueless isn’t just a film about mean girls. Its about this privileged high school girl that despite her beauty, wealthiness and popularity also has her insecurities like any other student and is learning how to deal with them. Many girls is different ways can relate to the protagonist. I totally recommend this film. For me this movie marks a high standard in the world of fashion making people to still wanting to dress like her and have this upper social appearance.

  4. The pursuits of happiness

    The pursuits of happiness is a movie that I have watches a couple of times and never get tire of it. This kind of movie is a kind of movie that motivates you in life, the kinds of movies that I like. In this movie the actors are Will smith and Jaden smith who are tremendous actors and in the movie the role of them are father and son, the same as in real life. This movie was nominated and won different types of awards.

    The pursuit of happiness is a movie about a struggling salesman that took custody of his child and wanted to succeed in life. Both of them had a very bad couple of days having to sleep in the streets like homeless people. Will Smith after watching a broker man parking a Ferrari in front of him, Will asked how you can afford having that car, he said working on wall street broker. After hearing that, Will started to study for the broker license and applying for job with no money to live. His intelligence was outstanding and in very short time he pass the test and started working without paying him. He kept going day by day without money to support him or his child. He never surrendered and one day he started making big transaction leaving him big money till one day he was rich.

    I recommend this movie to everyone because is a realistic story that people go true day by day. The message that this movie is trying to tell is that no mater your situation economy, you can be a good parent and the same time succeed in life by working hard and never serenading at a task you put ahead of you. You will have lots obstacles at life you just have to know how to handle it and pass true it.

  5. The Beauty Inside

    Lately I have been obsessed with Korean dramas. There story telling its amazing and different of what we are used to. I was looking on Netflix and found this Korean movie and loved it. Its called The Beauty Inside and if you haven’t started Korean dramas yet, pinky swear that this movie is a good start. Think about your girlfriend/boyfriend for a second and imagine his/her face, hands, body and everything about them. Now will you still love that person if each day he/she wakes up with a different face, hands and body?

    The protagonist of the movie Woon-jin(male) suffers from a strange condition in which he wakes up in a different body without discrimination of age, nationality or gender. Its funny because one day he could be a girl, an old man or a kid literally he could be anyone. The good news is that his brain, heart and essence remain intact.

    Due to his condition Woon-jin is a self-employed high quality furniture maker and falls in love with a repeating customer that is fascinated by his work. She could recognize his work everywhere she goes and her name in the film is Yi-soo. Eventually she knows his secret and loves him anyway. She loves him in whatever physical form he is that day. She loves him for his heart and soul and its funny because Woon-jin has to do something that manages her to recognize him everyday. This romantic film is amazing and the interpretations of the actors were honest and sensible, it plainly opens your eyes on how love should be like.

  6. “Ocho Apellidos Vascos” / Spanish Affair:

    Rafael (Dani Rivero), is a sevillian that had never got out from Andalucia, decides to abandon his place to seek for Amaia (Clara Lago), a basque girl, who unlike any other girl he has met, she resist to his seduction games. Rafael decides to travel to Argoitia, Amaia’s hometown, in the center of the Basque country. A series of circumstances led Rafael to impersonate an authentic basque man with eight last names to achieve his goals.

    Spanish Affair, is the story between Rafael and Amaia. He falls completely in love her, and when she returns to Argoitia, he realize that he has to travel to the Basque country to get her back. So, he starts a very crazy adventure and confronts a cultural shock with different costums and traditions. But things wont be easy once he gets there. To get the approval of Koldo, the father of Amaia, Rafael has the task to act like a true basque man.

    The establishment scene is located approximately at the beginning of the movie when Amaia is heartbroken and drinking at a restaurant in Seville, because her fiancé didn’t want to marry her and canceled the wedding plans. The confrotation scene can be found in the second scene of the movie when Amaia confronts Rafael, who works at the restaurant as comedian, for making some bad jokes about womans and the basque people. The discussion ended with the both of them having an affair. On the next day, Amaia left Rafael’s house without him knowing. Rafael noticed that she left her purse and cellphone and decides to find her to return her belongings and to tell her that what happened that night wasn’t only a one night stand, it was something more. The resolution scene is the last part of the movie when after the rollercoaster of emotions, Amaia and Rafael faked a wedding, because her family didn’t knew that her fiancé had canceled. And after many fights and discussions, Rafael decides to go back to Seville. Amaia then decides to go to Seville to find him and get back with him, because she realized that they were happy and had amazing moments together and that she has never met a person that would love her so much that would became interested in getting to know better the basque culture and win her family.

    The narrative structure of the movie is linear. This structure can be translated as: A, B, C,… The movie starts presenting the events in chronological order, and doesn’t have any restropective features. Esthetically, its photography is composed by warm and bright colors, with the inclusion of the sea, landscapes, and a small town in contrast with Seville.

    If you want to see a movie where you want to get to know better the differents cultures in Spain, Spanish Affair is the one. There always has been a social and cultural shock between the Basque Country and Spain, but in this movie, they break with the stereotypes and the bad fame basque people have.

  7. The Longest Ride

    It is hard to find a good movie to watch nowadays. “The Longest Ride” is a movie that will take your breath away every second of it. The love story of Luke and Sophia is unique. Both have different personalities.

    The story started when Sophia went with her friends to watch a bull riding competition. Luke was one of the Bull riders competing. After the competition was finished, Luke invited Sophia on a date. Sophia accepted the invitation because her friends made her do it. This is when both started to fall in love. After the date of their way back, they saw an old man that crashed. The name of the old man was Ira. Ira’s love story is similar to the one Sophia and Luke had. Sophia was a girl that came from an extremely wealthy family. She was studying Art at the university. Luke on the other hand, didn’t come from a wealthy family. He dedicated his life to bull riding and never went to school. There is a saying that opposite poles attract each other and this is exactly what happened. Sophia went almost every day to the hospital to visit Ira. Ira was always telling Sophia his love story with Ruth. Luke started having differences with Sophia and they broke up. Both thought that they were not meant for each other because of their differences. When Ira died, all of Ruth’s paintings were put for auction. Sophia and Luke went to the auction. Since Luke knew that Sophia loved paintings so much, he decided to buy one. The painting that Luke bought of Ira’s favorite painting. Because of that, Ira stated on his will that the person who bought that painting will automatically receive ownership of all the paintings. Luke gave all the paintings to Sophia and she opened a museum while Luke had his ranch. They lived hap together.

    To conclude, you can love someone even if you don’t share the same passion. Different polls attract each other like magnets. The way Nicolas Sparks made the movie was realistic. You see this type of love story happening in our society pretty often.

  8. The LEGO Batman Movie is directed by Chris McKay and distributed by Warner Bros. Just as the original The LEGO Movie, the Batman Movie is a great for people of all ages. It has the perfect atmosphere for a kid to enjoy, but it also contains references that adults will enjoy as well. This movie, however, as the name states, is centered around batman and how amazing of a super hero he is, but it teaches kids that someone can look happy and might seem like they have everything, but in reality they feel alone and are looking for someone to give them company. Even though it’s has such a theme, it keeps the story lively and happy so that everyone can enjoy. “The Lego Batman Movie works as not only a funny riff on the Batman character and his legacy, but also as a great action/comedy on its own terms.” (ScreenRant, Sandy Schaefer).

    Batman in this movie is presented as an isolated character, a character that, even though is loved by the entire Gotham city, is still living in an empty house with only his butler, Alfred Pennyworth, to give him some company. Throughout the movie you start to realize that batman only wants one thing; to be part of a family again. However, this dream is also his biggest fear, he doesn’t want to re-live what happens to his parents with someone he loves. We are presented other characters like his new adopted son, Dick Grayson, the new Gotham-City Police Commissioner, Barbara Gordon, and of course the Joker. These characters try to find a way into our protagonist’s hearts and despite Batman’s best efforts to avoid teamwork and ever being part of a family again, he is forced into changing his ways through these characters.

    It’s a cute movie with likable characters that presents an actual problem many people have and how to overcome that problem while still keeping a happy environment. The entire movie is filled with references from other movies and series that adults could relate to, but their main audience were the kids so with the Lego structure and child related jokes, the kids also had fun watching it. It’s a movie that takes away the stress for a little while and just have a good time with family. I would recommend anyone to go watch this movie, because it has a charm that everyone loves.

  9. LOVELACE (2013)

    In my opinion, I like movies that depicts reality in outstanding ways. Especially, when the movie presents shocking topics, for example, the adult film industry. The movie Lovelace stars Amanda Seyfried, James Franco, and Peter Sarsgarrd. I know, you must be thinking, how is Amanda Seyfried, whom we know from musicals such as “Mamma Mia” and “Les Miserables”, pull such a bold and sleazy character like the iconic sex figure Linda Lovelace?

    Lovelace is a drama film, but it’s not any type of drama. This drama contains true events of a popular sex figure called Linda Lovelace, making this film a biographical one. Linda Lovelace comes from catholic strict parents, and unlikely met a guy named Chuck Traynor whom she married. Chuck Traynor is in need of money thus leading him with “no option” and convince her to his wild idea of becoming a adult film actress since she has a certain talent. This central talent was the key that made her famous in the adult film “Deep Throat”. This gained her a lot success but it had a lot consequences.

    In the making of the second part of Deep Throat, we see that her husband, Chuck Traynor, abuses her physically, emotionally, sexually and financially. She was forced to various adult films against her will. She tried to get her life back but her parents prohibited her from entering to their home due to the fact that they were deeply disappointed of her. We see glimpse of Chuck raping Linda because she kept refusing to do any films. Until producers of Deep Throat found out about the marital abuse between Linda and Chuck, they put him in jail and after that Linda wrote her autobiography called “Ordeal”.

    Not many people like this film because Amanda Seyfried and how this film should have gone deeper with the abuse. In addition, they left out many parts and added things that were not accurate to the actual Linda Lovelace. However, I still think it is a very good film because we do not get to see on the screen a marital abuse (which is very often in our society) and how women become submissive and can’t get out of their abusive relationship. I enjoyed this movie because it clearly shows the anxiety of Linda getting her life back together and being a victim of rape and of an abusive relationship. The film could be better but then again, it explains explicitely and very well the dark side of Chuck Traynor and Linda Lovelace.

  10. The Fault In Our Star

    The Fault in Our Star is a film in the genre of comedy and drama. This movie was based on a book of John Green. Directed by Josh Boone and is rated PG-13. The Rotten Tomatoes gave the movie an 81% and the audience an 85%.

    The main characters are Hazel Grace and Augustus Waters. They are both patients of cancer and they meet in a support group. Hazel’s mom is worried about her daughter so she takes her to “Jesus Heart” where she receives help and meet lots of people with cancer. When she meets Augustus she tries not to get involved with him because she’s going to die and doesn’t want anyone else worried about her. They change books and wants answers for one of the books so they got a trip to Amsterdam to meet with Hazel’s favorite author. The meeting doesn’t go as they want but even though they had a great trip together.

    In my opinion this was one of the best movies I had watch. I fell in love with the book and then watch the movie and fell in love too. The movie is pretty loyal to the book, is one of those movies where they don’t leave importance details out. The book made me cry so I was expecting a lot from the movie, I just wanted to feel the same things that I felt with the book. I can say that the movie fulfills my expectations and is considered one of my favorite movies. There are not lot of movies that I can watch like 15 times, but TFIOS is on the list.

    In conclusion, I would totally recommend the movie. If you’re into romantic movies and are on the mood to cry, this is the movie for you. Out of 10 point I would give 9.9, you can see how much I loved the movie. But as always, I would suggest to first read the book so you can compare the film with the book.

  11. Coraline (2009)

    “Be careful what you wish for.”

    Coraline is by far one of my favorite animated movies. I believe that is amazing how an animated movie can make you feel uneasy with the situation the main character is going through while at the same time being a movie ‘for children’.

    Coraline tells the story of a teenager who has moved to The Pink Palace, a very old place with some rumors about disappearing children. She begins exploring, that’s when she meets the owner’s grandson, Whyborn (why-were-you-born, it’s an ironical name, since he is who saves her at some points in the movie) and the black cat. He gives Coraline some information about the well (the one that she almost steps into) and that his grandmother does not allow him to enter the Pink Palace. He then leaves a very curious Coraline behind.

    This girl’s problem is her family. Her parents have no time for her because they are writing a book about gardening (Coraline’s mother hates dirt). They don’t have much money, which is why they are writing the book. Coraline desires to have a new family. This wish comes true the moment the little door in the living room is opened.

    At first, everything is wonderful. That first night became the best of her life. Her Other Mother cooks a delicious meal and her Other Father composes a song for her. The only thing Coraline finds odd is the fact that her Other Parents have buttons instead of eyes. After dinner, the Other Parents kiss Coraline to sleep in a wonderful room. When the morning came, Coraline woke up in her boring, normal house. She visited her neighbors, which warn her about the other world she is visiting. On the subsequent days in the Other World, she is shown a garden and a mouse show and a theater play, along with her new created version of Whybie. Things get creepy when the Other Mother asks her to put on buttons in her eyes. Coraline declines and at some point makes the Other Mother show her true personality: she’s a witch who feeds off of children’s souls by trapping them in the Other World –a world she created– by sewing the buttons on their eyes (the windows of the soul).

    The Beldam kidnaps her parents in order to manipulate Coraline to stay in the Other World. Coraline then makes a bet with the witch: to look for three children’s eyes and her parents. The world then begins to change, and when she finds the eyes, the world begins to break down. When we see the beldam, we see a spider-like woman with a broken porcelain face and button eyes (something from a nightmare). She beats her with the help of the black cat, finds her parents and escapes. But the nightmare hasn’t ended, the beldam’s hand is on the loose looking for the key that opens the little door that separates the real world and the other world. Whyborn comes and saves Coraline’s before the beldam’s hand can take her away from the well. When the hand is defeated, both Coraline and Whybie throw the hand to the well. The movie ends when Coraline’s family begin to plant flowers in the backyard and Coraline meets the owner of the Pink Palace.
    This movie, I must say, is very creepy. I like how the Other World behaves in order to satisfy the children’s wishes. It’s a unique stop-motion animated film based on the story written by Neil Gaiman and has a 90% in Rotten Tomatoes.

    I believe this movie is liked because it awakens one’s desire to know who is the beldam and how she became trapped in that world. Also, we feel the character’s fear because her dream became a living nightmare and she can die and will die once the buttons are sewn to her face. I love the design and the colors used in both worlds. For example, in the real world, we have a lot of gray and pastel colors depicting a boring world. In the Other World, we have intense colors, but too much darkness. The cat is very important, as he acts as a guardian. This movie has a lot of elements that we can analyze, there are even theories in YouTube about Coraline.

    The design, the mystery, the animation and some other elements make this movie attractive to any type of public. However, this is just my opinion. I recommend people to watch this movie and analyze it. I just find awesome that the analysis gives the movie a whole new meaning.

  12. Disney made a bold move by producing Moana, a movie about a native Pacific Islander, in this times were diversity has becoming an important part of every story. While diversity is a very important element of the film, the music and the environment make the movie a magical learning experience for both children and adults.
    The main character, Moana, is an islander who has lived all her life in a small island; daughter of Chief Tui & Sina. She’s a really responsible and impulsive young lady, very happy with her life, but with an urge to explore beyond the sea, partially inspired by the stories of her grandma, Tala. Since she was little, she has had a special connection with the ocean, making her believe she’s someone really special. Later we see how she goes on a special quest to find the demigod Maui, and save the dying islands. Throughout the story she goes from believing her sole role in life is being the chosen one, to simply embracing who she really is, just Moana. Her character development is a perfect element of the story, something rarely seen in other stories, especially for a female lead.
    The movie did a great job by introducing a little bit of the Pacific Islanders history. Even if the story is fiction, it gave space for real historical facts about the original natives, who were voyagers. The way it was told even made me reminiscent about the natives of Puerto Rico, who sadly we know little of.
    The music is splendid, Lin Manuel Miranda did an outstanding job by composing those melodies. It really captures the essence of the movie, it feels like those songs are traditional native songs. That is to say, the singing of Auli’i Carvalho (Moana) is iconic, while Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson (Maui) also surprised with a very catchy song.
    I really recommend this movie to people of all ages, the lessons taught in it are universal, and so anyone can identify with them. Moana is one of the best movies of 2016, the unique plot, the beautiful atmosphere, the diverse characters and the refreshing music make it so. This movie deserved a lot more recognition than it got, I hope that it gets a sequel so someday it can receive the glory it’s entitled

  13. I have to admit I am a little shocked about what happened at the end of the Academy Awards. Even tough that Moonlight has won best picture, I would preferred that La La Land was going to get the award. After The Oscars was over, I was so curious why Moonlight has won best picture, and why do people loved this story so much? So I decided to watch this film on my computer to see if the rumors are true. For those who haven’t watch Moonlight yet and did not expect this film to win best picture, here is a brief summary and my opinion why the Oscars choose this film

    Moonlight is a drama film who tells three defining chapters about the life of Chiron, a young boy who lives in Miami with a single mother who is addicted to drugs. At his childhood he meets Juan (Mahershala Ali, who has also won for best supporting actor in this film) a man who sells drugs and becomes the paternal figure. Later then, Juan and Chiron’s relationship grows stronger, Juan teaches Chiron how to swim, he protects the boy from any harm from his classmates who bullies him a lot because he is different and he also tells Chiron to make his own path without anyone questioning his decisions. In his teenage years Chiron life gets more complicated, while he is dealing with her mother who is out of control with drugs, in his school, their classmates continue to bullied him and begins a romantic relationship with his best friend from childhood, Kevin. In his adulthood Chiron begins his life on his own, on the outside he is a strong and tough man but on the inside he feels frustrated who wants to find happiness.

    I recommend this film because is amazing and very realistic. We discovered the life of Chiron, growing up in this urban environment surrounded by drugs and that no one understands him. I believe that the Oscars chose this film because of two reasons: one, the shots and the editing of the film were very impressive and two its is a different movie that we never see it in a long time because it captures the harsh of what is going on for kids these days living in this kind of environment. I love how they developed the story of Chiron along in his journey and how they divided the chapters when he was young, a teenager and adult. What I really admire about Moonlight is that all of the actors are completely African Americans that shows a great example about this situation. I think that Moonlight truly deserved an Oscar because it shows a story that is so real and to discover who you really are. So I recommend to watch this film and know the reality of this marginalized population.

  14. Beastly is a film, released in 2011, based on the book by Alex Flinn. The film presents how Kyle (Alex Pettyfer) needs to learn a lesson. He was in High School, he was elected as his class’ president, he was undoubtedly gorgeous and handsome, but he was egocentric and he constantly made fun of those least fortunate with physical beauty. But what can we say, his father Rob (Peter Krause), was an important businessman, he also had his ego in the clouds and didn’t cared much about his son. Well, he surely cared about popularity, social status and physical beauty. Without that, you were nothing.

    As the story begins to develop, we see how he -Kyle- makes fun of Kendra (Mary-Kate Olsen), of the way she looks, and that starts to angry her. At the beginning of the film we don’t know it, but we discover later on that she’s a witch. She doesn’t says anything but, if you look close enough, you’ll be able to see that something is going to happen to Kyle if he keeps making fun of her. Also, there’s Lindy (Vanessa Hudgens) that is one of the main characters in the film. She is the typical geek/nerd that you see in every school, but she’s also beautiful. Her father was in the wrong path, making bad decisions.

    Kyle had a girlfriend named Sloan (Dakota Johnson) who was with him just for the looks and popularity and, everything changes for everyone when there’s a party. He was supposed to buy an orchid for her, but he left it to the last minute and he just got a white rose. She got mad and didn’t wanted the rose and later on, he finds out that she was cheating with his best friend. So, when Lindy asks him to take a picture with her, for the school’s newspaper, he clips the rose to her dress. They feel something, you are able to see some type of emotion in his face, but when the flash goes off, he goes with his friend to make fun of Kendra. He told her something in the school and she believed him, but he just wanted to make her feel bad. She finally had enough and told him that she was there for those who missed the beauty boat and to “best embrace the suck”, and with that she casts a spell on him. He had only a year to make someone fall in love with him, truly fall in love with him because, if nobody loved him by the end of the term, he would stay like that forever.

    That’s how the best part of the film -in my opinion- begins. He starts to feel bad so he leaves the party. When he arrived home and looks at himself in the mirror, he sees his worst nightmare coming true. He looks awful. With Kendra’s spell also came a tattoo of a tree that would show him every station and he had to find true love before the last flower bloomed. Well, in my opinion he still looks great as a “beast”. Then, after his father sees him, he got him doctors and stuff to try and repair the damage, but the doctors found nothing abnormal about him, and the didn’t understood what was wrong with him. His father, found him repulsive and as a menace to his social status, so he leaves him in an apartment with the housekeeper of their original house, Zola (LisaGay Hamilton). His father also hired a blinded man named Will (Neil Patrick Harris) as Kyle’s tutor. One day while Kyle’s doing his night routine of following Lindy, watching her go to the store and buy her favorite candies, Jujyfruits, he sees that when she arrived home his father was in some type of trouble and, he kills a man. He told Lindy’s father that if he didn’t wanted to go to jail, he had to let Lindy go live with him (with Kyle). Her father agreed, but she wasn’t very happy about what happened.

    So, the movie goes like that, with Kyle not learning his lesson, trying to buy Lindy’s good will with expensive stuff and so on. Is not until he buys her Jujyfruits that she starts to warm up to him. He also learned that her favorite flowers were roses so he made it his job to build a greenhouse with every type of roses you could imagine. We can see that they are falling in love with each other, even if they don’t know it yet. One day, he found Kendra and told her to help Zola be with their kids and to give Will his sight back, but she told him that if he succeed in his mission, then she would grant their wishes. But after they spent many months together, something happens to her dad so, she needs to return home. He gave her a lot of letters that he wrote her, and when she’s in the train, he tells her not to read them, because he thought that she was going to say “I love you” when she was leaving, but she just told him “You’re a really good friend”, but it’s too late because she couldn’t hear him.

    He spends those last months grieving “his loss” and thinking that there was nothing left to do. He watched the tattoo changing stations. He thought that there was no hope and that he would stay like that forever. But, that’s not all, because Lindy did call him a lot of times, but he didn’t responded said calls scared that she would tell him that she only wanted him as a friend. That’s why she goes on with her life, and decides to go to the trip to Machu Picchu that she had planned log before she knew him. And, because Zola and Will insisted him to talk to her, he finds himself on their High School the day she was going on the school trip, the day that was going to change his life forever, the last day of the year that he had to make someone truly fall in love with him. He enters the school and he had to watch his worst nightmare come true. He looked like a beast still so everyone was looking at him weirdly, like he looked at everyone before. Lindy was right there in the middle of the main hall, he approaches her, and tries to explain, she’s mad at him for not answering her calls, and stuff. So, when they made the last call for those who were going on the trip, he tells her to go and that nothing is going to change while she isn’t there. He said that because the last flower on the tattoo bloomed, marking the end of the term. Just before all hope was lost, she turns back and tells him “I love you”. You can imagine the rest, including the shock that she had after learning that the beast, was Kyle.

    In my opinion, it was a great movie and I would totally recommend others to watch it. Some may find the movie a little cheesy, but it’s still great. Obviously, is an adaptation from the original Beauty and the Beast, so they make a lot of changes in the plot. They even made it modern, with typical highschoolers situations and stuff. In general, the actors did a great job and I would like to see Alex Pettyfer and Vanessa Hudgens as protagonists of another movie together.

  15. My second blog comment will be about one of my favorite movies and the last one of a trilogy. The Dark Knight Rises is an interesting movie that you can’t predict what will happen in each scene. It keeps always at the expectative. This movie is the last one of a trilogy that starts with Batman Begins which is a great movie too, then The Dark Knight in which Batman fights The Joker and finalize with The Dark Knight Rises that is the movie I’ll talk about. It is directed by Christopher Nolan like the first two movies. Also have great actors like Christian Bale as Bruce Wayne and Batman, Anne Hathaway who won an Oscar for best supporting actress in the movie LeMiserables, as Selina and Tom Hardy who played the role of villain as Beane.

    After eight years where Gotham City had peace and in where Batman was retired a group of terrorist lead by Beane want to destroy Gotham City with a nuclear bomb. All of this because comes up in a vengeance style becuase in the first movie Batman Begins, Ducard, trained Batman with Ra’s Al Ghul in the league of the shadows. Then Ducard want to destroy Gotham but Bruce Wayne wants to prevent it by defending Gotham CIty where he became Batman. So, this new group of terrorist, want to finish the job that Ducard started. The villains take the city by surprise, Batman came off the retirement to defend the city but is too late. He fights Beane and Beane beat him beacuse his skills were poor after his retirement. Bruce and Batman got like kidnapped in a cave while Beane and his group were controling the city of Gotham and waiting for the day to explode the nuclear bomb. Bruce and Batman escape from the cave and joined the Gotham City Police Department as his army to fight Beane and his army. At the final of the movie Batman beat Beane and took the bomb off the city with his batplane to the sea where explode. Everyone thought that Batman and Bruce died but he put the automatical pilot in his plane. At the end he retires again.

    I love this movie, I can watch it millions of times and never get tired of it. If you want to watch it, I recommend you to watch the first two movies before (Batman Begins and The Dark Knight) and pay a lot of attention beacuse they are kinda hard to understand. The movie had an 87% in the Rotten Tomatoes Meter which I considered low for the quality of the film.

  16. A while ago, I was sick at home for five days and could not really have contact with the world, so I was cloistered in my room. The four walls were pretty dull, therefore, I decided to watch Netflix: the solution to boredom. I searched for everything from rom-coms, strong story lines, heart-felt, and indie films. Although, there was not much to see due to Netflix’s lack of variety, I found one film that caught my attention. It was called “Like Sunday, Like Rain”.

    “Like Sunday, Like Rain” is an indie film of 2014, directed by Frank Whaley. It is about a cello prodigy named Reggie (Julian Shatkin) and a twenty-something homeless woman, named Eleanor (Leighton Meester). Reggie is a 13 year old boy who is a genius and very mature for his age. His mother is the typical rich woman, married to a business man, who neglects her only son and leaves for others to raise him. He struggles a bit because he is not understood and is treated like a child, despite his higher mind capacity. Eleanor, in the other hand, is a poor young woman with a dysfunctional family. On top that, lives with her failing and disloyal rock star boyfriend, Dennis (Billie Joe Armstrong), who does not seem to care if he makes it home to her.

    They find each other and help each other move on from whatever is stopping them from living life. For Reggie, is getting back his passion for the cello. He begins to find it pointless to play because he doesn’t have anyone that he cares about, to play for. Reggie feels alone and forgotten, until Eleanor arrives. Eleanor looks to be stable and be someone in life. They brew a beautiful friendship, but they both know, sooner or later, they have to part ways. Reggie grows to love her in various ways.

    I call this type of films “weird” because they show simple things in an unusual way. Or maybe, it that just some scenes make you feel weird because they are so real, and don’t seem entirely created. This film was very sentimental and inspiring. I liked it very much because it was so real and breath-taking. I love the films that can make me feel something that’s deeper than the surface. Films that make me think and that make me vulnerable, and maybe, make me cry. Those are the best ones.

  17. For the second movie commentary I decided to watch the movie “Crimson Peak”. It was directed by Guillermo Del Toro and presented in movie theaters in 2015. The story takes us to the year 1887 into a gothic romance that also includes elements such as drama and horror. The reason why I picked this film was because of the dark turn involved in the Victorian era. Also, Guillermo Del Toro’s movies have a lot of uniqueness in them and when the movie came in theaters I wasn’t able to go see it.

    Edith Cushing (Mia Wasikowska), since she was young, has been visited by her mother’s ghost who always warns her to “beware of Crimson Peak”. A few years pass and Edith is now a woman and an aspiring writer. On day working at her rich father’s office, she meets Sir Thomas Sharpe (Tom Hiddleston), an English inventor who is in search of investors for a clay mining machine. Sharpe isn’t able to convince Mr. Cushing to invest in his ideas and ends up rejecting the offer. Meanwhile, Edith becomes interested in Thomas and begins to develop romantic feelings for him, despite her father’s disapproval. After the tragic events of Mr. Cushing’s death, Edith marries Thomas and moves to England to the Sharpe’s family mansion where Thomas’ sister, Lucille (Jessica Chastain) also lives. The mansion is under the red clay mine Thomas is working; every time the clay starts painting the white snow into red, people call it the “crimson peak”. After moving, Edith starts experiencing strange ghostly apparitions and soon starts realizing that this new married life is spookier than what she thought and the house where she is now living hides secrets.

    Up until now I have to say that this movie is one of the top ones of my list. I found the story being very interesting and unique. The dark tone established since the beginning makes you have a feeling that what is going to happen is not good and it made me desperate to find out what was the Sharpe family hiding. When it came to visuals, the ghost apparitions were wonderful, even though they have a very gruesome aspect. Also, the fact that this clay where the mine and the house are standing is color red makes the story visually striking. Everywhere the characters turn, this red clay is following them, coming out of walls, pluming and even painting the snow. When it came to acting, I thought that the casting was chosen very well and that the characters brought the creepiness and mystery to the scenes.

    I had a fun time watching this film. It has a good plot and good characters. It also contains a little bit of horror and suspense. What I liked about the suspense part of the story was that it wasn’t extremely scary, but it brought an uncomfortable feeling to the audience. Also the way that the film is being narrated makes you eager to find out what the characters are hiding and what is the big deal with this “crimson peak”.

  18. Adore (2013)

    In New South Wales, Roz (Robin Wright), her husband Harold (Ben Mendelsohn) and their son Tom (James Frecheville) live near the beach. Lil (Naomi Watts), who is a widow lives nearby with her son Ian (Xavier Samuel). Roz and Lil are best friends, and so are Tom and Ian. Harold applies for and is offered a job in Sydney without telling Roz. He expects Roz to move to Sydney with him, however, she hesitates. Ian and Roz start a sexual relationship. Tom discovers this and takes revenge by initiating a sexual relationship with Lil. Now Roz has even more reason to stay, and later Roz and Harold divorce.

    Tom marries a woman of his own age. Supposedly his sexual relationship with Lil ends here, and Roz decides, out of solidarity, but to Ian’s regret, to stop their sexual relationship too. Ian has a relationship with a woman of his own age, but is not happy with it. He plans to break up, but he does not after hearing from her that she is pregnant. Later he finds out that Tom and Lil have resumed their sexual relationship. He is so angry that he discloses to the two young women what has been going on. They are so shocked that they break up with their husbands and leave with their children.

    “Adore” is decadent fantasy fulfillment masquerading as a declaration of feminist independence. Somewhere in here is a message about the importance of remaining sexy and vital in your 40s—about asserting your own identity once more after decades of being defined as someone’s wife and someone’s mother. The blonde and athletic Lil and Roz have a vibrancy about them that’s inspiring—and a similarity in appearance and demeanor that could make them sisters, adding just enough of an implied incest factor to make “Adore” that much ickier. But for some odd reason “Adore” isn’t icky to me at all.

    It’s quite the opposite, its a beautifully produced movie. The setting, the characters, the ambiance, everything. This has to be one of my favorite movies of all time. Just because its not a common movie plot. I mean two mid 40’s best friends have sexual relationships that turn into something more with each others son. Obviously to society that is a big no-no, but these two women found happiness again. Ok so obviously it was with someone who was half their age, but if someone who is half your age makes you happy, makes you feel alive, would you really end it with them? Maybe they were “the one that got away.”

    I was devastated at the end when Ian and Roz didn’t end up together, because of all they went through. And Liz was a very bad friend to let Roz think that her relationship with Tom had ended when it had always been there. Maybe Coz could have been happy with Ian herself, and Ian wouldn’t have been miserable with his girlfriend.

  19. Some months ago the trailer of La La Land was revealed. When i saw that trailer right away I knew the movie was going to be a totally amazing. Last weekend I decided to go and watch it, my grandma wanted to watch it too, so we went together. Right now this is my favorite film Oh my God it was so good, I can’t recommend this film anymore. The music, the scenes, the settings, the color scheme everything has such excellence and uniqueness. Love how the movie has an emphasis on the artist and actor role and life.

    In Hollywood, Mia and Sebastian are struggling to make it in their respective careers, about which each has extreme passion. Mia, an aspiring actress, serves lattes to movie stars in between auditions and Sebastian, a jazz musician, scrapes by playing cocktail party gigs in bars. Mia is an moved from small town Nevada and dropped out of college five years ago to pursue her dream. She is enamored with old time Hollywood – the movies on which she grew up – but hates the cattle herding feeling of going on auditions, and her belief that she needs to schmooze at social events to get ahead in the business. Sebastian is a jazz pianist, his style of jazz in the traditionalist. He wants to do his part to preserve that tradition, especially as he knows that that style of music is dying. He has trouble emotionally playing music he doesn’t like just to get a paying gig. His dream is to open his own jazz club, most specifically in what used to be a famous jazz club that has since been converted to a tapas bar cum salsa dance club. They eventually become attracted to each other largely because of the passion each sees in the other for what he/she is striving for in life. However, there are many obstacles to a Mia and Sebastian happily ever after. They may be able to endure the life of a struggling artist for so long before those struggles take their toll. The pursuit of their individual dreams may take all their energies, with nothing left for their relationship. And any compromise each may make in getting ahead may change the person with who each has fallen in love. When they reach a point a certain point in their careers path pull them in different directions, they are forced to face the challengers their growing relationship.

    This movie is so beautiful and so well made. I already saw it two times at the cinema and I’m so excited and anxiously waiting for it to launch on DVD. Everything is so special and just perfect, love how in some way tributes those that are struggling and trying to follow their dreams in the artistic point of view. It’s such an inspirational film and it’s so worthy of watching.

  20. Horror and thriller are terms that lack meaning when describing the spine chilling and brain-twisting movie known as Split directed by M. Night Shyamalan. Its whole concept is a wreck into some people’s reality. It was a thriller but it had very good comedy parts, which ease the stressful situations that are occurring. The film features realities such as multiple personality disorder a mental disorder characterized by the presence of two or more distinct personalities. Also adds the effects and aftermath of child rape that then leads into pre-teen psychological problems. It also has in sublime way cannibalism.
    I can’t say that it has an awesome storyline but I can definitely agree that James McAvoy had a very complicated role yet achieved to play all of the 24 personalities. He was so precise with every personality that it makes anyone in the audience automatically know who it is he is acting out, plus the intense close ups. I loved the uniqueness of every personality. The props and décor give the scenes extra trill.
    Three teen girls are abducted by the main character Kevin, and then take them into a basement. Leaves them locked in a room without any explanation. This causes mayhem with the other personalities because they do not all agree with the decision made. The personalities used to have a democratic party but, since the event of stealing the girls, part of the personalities have taken the lead and do not allow other to have any input in the decisions made. On the other hand the girls try everything they can to escape, but it is just the energy that triggers the personalities to create a bigger, stronger and more powerful personality that will cause a dramatic intense ending.

    It is a unique film; sadly I believe that the ending was extremely exaggerated as if it was a reminder that the content is science fiction movie. And as usual the director made the decision to leave an open ending.

  21. I remember watching The Crow as a child but I never really paid much attention to it and recently saw it on Netflix and decided to watch it. This film is based on a comic book and it follows the tragic story of Eric Draven (Brandon Lee) and his fiancée Shelly Webster (Sofia Shinas). They were brutally murdered by a gang of street thugs the day before Halloween. A year later Eric comes back to life seeking revenge and he is going to kill the men that took his life as well as his fiancée’s. We also see Sarah (Rochelle Davis) a child they used to take care of and the Sergeant Darryl Albrecht (Ernest Lee Hudson) that eventually helps Draven. I was very intrigued and decided to watch it because I liked the visuals, the Gothic vibes I was getting from the movie at first glance. I felt his pain and his anger in many of the scenes. I think Brandon Lee portrayed his character very well, a man that has come back to life to avenge his tragedy.

    I believe the soundtrack fits the movie so well. The scene where Eric goes back to his house and starts thinking about what happened, also showing us memories of their happy and domestic life, how in love they were with each other, all of those memories causing him pain and anger. When the song Burn by The cure starts playing we see Eric slowly losing it and becoming The Crow. I think what he did is fair. Those men took everything he had and they were never sorry. Draven killed them one by one. He´s not the bad guy, he was a former heavy metal guitarist, in love with his fiancée and together they would take care of Sarah. It´s really unfair they took everything away from him.

    I must say I was really sad when I found out Brandon Lee actually died during the filming of The Crow. His memory will live on. He did an astounding job portraying this character. This movie is amazing, of course some awful stuff happened that led him to do all of that but I believe the message of this movie is love, all he did was out of love. From seeking revenge for Shelly to protecting Sarah. He was so in love with Shelly that not even death took that away from him. I give this film a thumbs up and definitely recommend it to all of you.

  22. La La Land

    La La Land stars Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone, and its directed by David Chazelle, who directed Whiplash, one of my favorite films of 2014. The film La La Land is a musical, a romance, and a fantasy. It’s the story of a couple that have dreams and support each other to follow them.
    I loved the film. The songs were great, the acting, the musical score, the cinematography was really beautiful, the direction was spot on, and the script was great. Is one of the best films I’ve seen in a movie theater and the best I’ve seen this year. I think it deserves the Oscar for best picture of the year, but if Moonlight (another great film) wins it, I won’t mind. Another thing I liked was that it is a melodrama, which means it is sentimental and it will probably make you cry. It’s a movie for dreamers, for people who are passionate about something.
    I don’t think I saw anything wrong with La La Land. I think the only bad thing I could find was that Ryan Gosling doesn’t sing so good compared to Emma Stone, but I don’t think he sings bad in the film. I really don’t have a problem with the movie. I wasn’t bored, it was artistic and fun at the same time, it had the right balance. It explored the two main characters incredibly well and the two main actors had a great chemistry between each other, which sold the love they felt in the movie.
    I strongly recommend you see this in theaters because it’s a great film and I think the best movie of the year. I will give a 10/10.

  23. The Notebook
    ‘The Notebook” is about the same couple at two seasons in their lives. We see them in a young romance, and then we see them as old people, as she disappears into the shadows of Alzheimer’s. Every day he reads to her from a notebook that tells the story of how they met and fell in love and faced obstacles to their happiness. Sometimes, he says, he wishes that for a few minutes she is able to remember who he is and who the story is about.
    “The Notebook” is a sentimental fantasy. The lovers are named Allie Nelson and Noah Calhoun, known as Duke. As old people they’re played by Gena Rowlands and James Garner. As young people, by Rachel McAdams and Ryan Gosling. The performances are suited to the material, respecting the passion at the beginning and the sentiment at the end.
    Allie is a rich kid, staying at the family’s mansion in North Carolina for the summer. Noah is a local kid who works at the sawmill but is smart and poetic. Her parents are snobs. His father is centered and supportive. Noah loves her the moment he sees her. Her parents are direct: “He’s trash. He’s not for you.” One day her mother shows her a local working man, who looks hard-used by life, and tells Allie that 25 years ago she was in love with him. Allie thinks her parents do not love each other, but her mother insists they do.
    The photography of the movie is striking in its rich, saturated effects, from sea birds at sunset to the texture of Southern summer streets. It makes the story seem more idealized. And the old mansion is underlined, too, first in its decay and then in its rebirth; young Noah is convinced that if he makes good on his promise to rebuild it for Allie, she will come to live in it with him, and paint in the studio he has made for her.
    This movie is truly amazing. Many people say it’s a cliché film but for me its an iconic and amazing drama/romance film. It’s a movie that no matter how many times you see it it will always impact you in some way or another. If you haven’t seen The Notebook you must see it and if you have I hope you agree with me.

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