January 21, 2018

Important Information about the Class


Important Information:

  1. All of the readings will be provided by me through pdf. files sent to your USC e-mail address.
  2. All our class presentations are included in the blog. They are posted before the class. You may download them and take notes on the presentation you download.
  3. You need to write four essays during the course about the films and stories we have studied. Essay instructions are posted in the blog; however, remember that essays are not posted in the blog, you need to bring them on paper to class.  Essays are due after the class discussion of films and stories. Essays will be 25 points. You will be writing 4 essays which add to a 100 points.
  4. In the blog you need to write four blog comments. Instructions are available from the first day in our class blog http://filmandliterature.edublogs.org.  The comments should be about the same length as mine, which is provided in the instructions for each comment and will begin the discussion. Film comments can be about any film of your choice. As long as the comments are at least three paragraphs long, you will be assigned 25 points for each entry. Remember that anyone can see what you write online so be extra careful with your spelling and watch your language. Edublogs requires that I approve your blog comment before it can be seen on the blog, which means you will not be able to see your comment until I approve it.
  5. Films will be viewed in class. Though you may have watched these films before, I recommend that you watch them again since I discuss details you may have forgotten.
  6. You will have 3 exams as presented in your class schedule each worth 100 points.
  7. Your final exam is a video evaluating a film of your choice. This video is 100 points. Instructions are provided under Final Video in mi.sagrado.edu.
  8. Feel free to e-mail me should you have problems. I’ll answer as promptly as possible.

II. Readings

    1. The Shawshank Redemption, Stephen King pdf file (short story)
    2. Million Dollar Baby pdf file  (short story)
    3.  This is Your Life (Short story)
    4. Interview with the Vampire pdf file (novel)
    5. Memento Mori  pdf file
    6. Q & A (Slumdog Millionaire)  ( novel) pdf file

III. Grades

Four blog comments and four essays

Three Exams

Final Exam Video