April 5, 2017

Third Essay Memento

Though the story Memento Mori and the film Memento both deal with a character (Earl/Lenny) who has anterograde amnesia. How does each deal with the fact that the main character wants to take revenge on his wife’s killer. How does Chris Nolan adapt his brother’s story? What elements does he take from the story?

March 8, 2017

Second Essay

For the second essay you have a choice of writing about Gattaca or about Interview with the Vampire. The essay is due after we discuss both readings on the day of the second test.

  1. Vincent, Jerome, Irene and Anton faced ethical dilemmas due to living in a society where genetic manipulation is the norm and where individuals lacking the accepted genetic components are labeled de-generate and in-valid. How did each cope with his/her dilemma and what do their decisions have to say about the society they live in?  How did Vincent’s decision not to follow the rules affect each of the characters?
  2. Louis, Lestat, Claudia and Armand are each searching for love and spiritual fulfillment through their relationships. What is each character’s view of love? Do their “love” relationships fulfill their expectations? Why or why not?



February 15, 2017

First Essay Instructions

Write a 5 paragraph essay about ONE of the two films watched in class. Remember that the introductory paragraph should include the topic that you are going to discuss. Mention the title of the film when needed and the names of the characters. Be specific and provide examples from both the text and the film. The essay should be printed and brought to class on  (TTh class) February 21 (MW class) February 27.

  1. Compare and contrast the novella Rita Hayworth and The Shawshank Redemption to Frank Darabont’s film of the same name. Consider addition or elimination of characters, symbols, character development, plot events, themes. Do the changes in the film enhance or detract from the story?
  2. Million Dollar Baby is a film in favor of euthanasia. Was the film convincing in the way it presents the problem and its solution? What would you have done if you were Frankie?