May 13, 2018

Instructions for Final Video

The final video is your final exam. It is worth 100 pts. To hand in your video you can:
1. Upload to youtube, Vimeo, Google Drive, Dropbox or other and send me the http address. Be sure not to make the video private because I won’t be able to see it.
2. Bring it in a USB drive and I will copy to my computer.
3. Bring on a disc, clearly labeled with your name.
4. If using other devices, you may bring the device with you to the office so that I can see it.
DO NOT send through e-mail, video documents are too large and my e-mail account won’t receive them.
The final video should be:
1. Three minutes long
2. Review a film that you liked or disliked
3. Have a title page that includes your name and the film’s title
4. Include clips and photographs of the film to enhance your presentation
5. You may work with a partner (only two people in the group) or by yourself
6. After you record, remember to save the film as a movie because if not I won’t be able to see it and you’ll have to bring the computer to my office so that I can see your work.

You may hand in your work on the established dates and hours in the calendar in my office BN445 if you are handing in the work in person. If you upload your video to YouTube, Vimeo, Dropbox or other you don’t need to come to my office, but be sure to hand in your work by these dates and check your e-mail during those days in case I have problems watching ¬†your video.

Here are some videos which might help you with your work.